All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-1.0)

The meaning of the original title is “My sister cannot be so charming“.

Official web site is here.

This anime is about various incidents, mainly focused on a younger sister and her older brother.

The leading charactor’s name is Kirino, a junior high school student. She is almost perfect girl.

For example, she has very attractive looks, getting outstanding grade at school, talented athletic player, and doing a fashion magazine model.

There has been, however, a secret about her. She is a serious Otaku!

She loves computer games, animations, and comics, especially featuring little sisters, though she is also a sister herself!

In addition to that, some of those are for adults only, in short, Hentai games.

But she well recognaized her strange favorite, and it is difficult for the other, normal people to understand it.

So she has been kept it secrets of her own, and never talked to anyone.

On the other hand, her older brother Kyosuke is the exact opposite of her.

He is average high school student, having no extra features.

Kirino has been always arrogant toward him, and sometimes even ignored.

So, he couldn’t be close to her. He has been thought, “My sister is definitely not charming!”

Although Kirino seems to dislike Kyosuke, she also seems to have somewhat positive, uncertain feelings toward him. At least, I guess so.

But their relationship is going to change gradually after an incident.

What is that incident? I will write next time.

(To be continued…)

Kirino Kyosuke


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