All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-1.6)

It’s 1:00 am. Kyosuke suddenly woke up by getting a slap on his cheek. There’s Kirino mounted on him, and said “Come on my room. I have to talk with you.” Kirino took him to her room.


Kyosuke felt uncomfortable with her room, since he’s there for the first time.

“You did say whatever I like, you’ll never look down on me. Is that absolutely truth?”

“No doubt, Yes.” He replied.

“If you’re telling a lie, I would kill you!”

After a while, Kirino decided to express that “I…I want your advice for my life.”

“Your life?” Kyosuke looked like slightly being surprised at her proposal. Maybe he thought she’s been superior sister comparing with himself.

So it’s unexpected offer that she asked him for the advice.


She opened her secret closet and there were full of the Otaku goods.

“W…What’s this!?” Picking up one of these package, Kyosuke can’t help being astonished.

“You wanna know it? It’s a PC version and that is…”

Apparently, she mistook his message. But Kirino bursted out explaining about her collections and cheerfully continued to do that for a few minutes.


By the way, all these collections are particularly featuring a little sister. In Japanese, we use very common expression “Imouto moe” for that kinds of tendencies. What’s that? Well, I suppose to explain about it, someday.


While Kirino was enthusiastic to explain her collections, Kyosuke completely couldn’t make out what she’s saying.

Then, he asked her “Well…I suppose these are expensive?”

“A little.” She told him about the each prices which were far beyond his thought.

“Why do you have such a large amount of money!?”

“It must be my earnings.”

“Your earnings?”


At this time, he got to know for the first time that his sister doing fashion magazine model , and that made him very impressed.


“Then, your impression is?” Kirino turned their talks to the point.

“What’s impression?” he replied.

“How do you think about my preference, I meant.”



(…to be continued)


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