All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-1.7)

“Don’t you think I am silly?”

“You got these collections using your money? Then, it’s your own discretion.” Kyosuke responded.

“You really think so?” Kirino slightly cheered up.

“Yeah I think you don’t need to worry about the other’s opinion. I’m just surprised and don’t have no intention to look down on you about that things.”

“Yes…Yes! You’re unusually saying right.” She got smiled.


“By the way, why are you getting these Imouto-moe games?”

“Why do you think…?” She gazed his eyes and slowly crawled toward him.

Kyosuke was startled at her posture.


“Because they really fascinate me” with blushing her cheek, she said.

“Did you mean that you’ve been collecting them because you love a little sister so much?”

“Yes. They are really cute! For example…”

She bursted out explaining again how attractive these little sisters were.

But their attractive features that she’s stating were quite opposite to her own characteristics. So Kyosuke thought that “However you are exactly not as charming as them!”


At this time, he asked her to the point.

“I think these games are not for the women but for the men. I can’t figure out this point.”

“I’m not sure either why I’ve got so fascinated by these types of games” and she continued, “Before I knew it, I’ve got addicted to them…”

“Of course I know it’s not suitable preference for the common girls. So I’ve been kept it a secret from anyone. But I can’t stop loving it!”

And she kept going on “Hey, how should I do that…?”

“Uh…well…” he couldn’t answer.


“I wonder I should talk with Dad and Mom after all?” Kirino said.

“No way!!”

Suddenly Kyosuke shouted out, then they got slightly worried about that would make their parents to wake up.

“If it’s possible, you’d not so confused, aren’t you? Especially if Dad would know that? Ugh! it must be so terrible.”

Kirino seemed sad.


“Okay, I’ll help you to keep your secret from Dad and Mom, though I’m not sure what can I do.”

“Really?” she responded.

“Yeah, however it should be to the extent I can”

“I see…your help would be appreciative.” She looked like a little embarrassed so she couldn’t say frankly “Thank you”.


“So…I have a question to confirm. You said that you’ve been collecting them because you love a little sister so much. Are there any extra reasons?” Kyosuke asked her.

Kirino was thinking for a while, then an idea flashed into her mind he’s implying that actually she loved her older brother like these games.

“Yuck! I’ve never heard such as silly misunderstanding for this year!” she was disgusted at his ridiculous imagination.

“But you said in the game they did so?” he talked buck to her.

“No way! In real world there are no sisters love her brothers so much. It’s only a fiction.”

Kyosuke got slightly mad at her words, but on the other hand, he was relieved by her regular attitude.

“My talk was over, get away from here.” she drove him out of her room.


It’s about 2:00 a.m. Kyosuke managed to return his bedroom and got to asleep again.

“She is really not charming!” He said at his mind.

(…to be continued)



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