All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-2.0)

One day, Kirino blames Kyosuke for that he hasn’t progressed sufficiently the game she rented to him.

“Hey, you must finish it more quickly to get to the next.”

“Next?! Why I have to play the next?”

“Just one game is much less for your understanding, you’re just on the starting point.”

“You should talk with your schoolmates about these games if you want to do. I think it’s none of my duty.”

Kirino seems to be in thought.

“Well….don’t you have any friends whom you can talk to about your favorites?”

“It’s not matter of you.”

“Hmm….Kirino, I’ll answer the problem what you asked me before. You need, in short, anyone who can share same favorites with you. Then you should try to make a friend who can accept you.”

“Do you mean that I should make an Otaku friend? I don’t wanna do that….”

Kirino declines his suggestion because she hates to be looked herself similar to Otaku by the other people.

“I said that I’ll never look down on you whatever you like. But how about you? It’s just yourself doing so, isn’t it?”

“No, I never look down on Otaku!”

Kirino explains about her mind. She has dedicated to enjoy the Otaku-work, such as animation, games and so forth.

On the other hand, it’s also pleasure to have fun with her schoolmates. Both of these are so important elements for her that she can’t choose one.

But she well recognizes that the Otaku are easy to hated by most people, especially junior high school girls like as her.

She’s worried about that her secret would come out to her friends, or she couldn’t go to school anymore if it would be happened.

Kyosuke suggest to make Otaku friends without her schoolmates knowing about that. But he cannot make nice way to do that.


Next day, when he is at a loss in classroom, Manami, a girl Kyosuke have known each other since they’re children, approaches and asks him what’s happened?

He asks her about the nice way how to make a new friend who has a same favorite.

Maybe he got a nice way there, and he’s going to explain it to Kirino at that night.

(…to be continued)



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