All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-2.3)

Kyosuke explains to Kirino about SNS, and suggests to her to find a community where the people are coming together with same preferences and purposes like Kirino.

Then, she’ll be able to enjoy conversation thoroughly with new Otaku friends at offline meeting.


Since the way of his explanation is very faltering, she suspects who brought the idea to him.

“I already know about SNS, but who gave you that idea?”

“It’s a my special adviser.”

“Oh, I see. That quiet girl is.” She’s saying that’s Manami.

“Don’t say wrong things about her. I don’t like hear that from anyone except myself.”

“I wonder why are you so seriously. I’m much less concerned about your matters. I’m just offended by your behavior toward her.”

Apparently, she seems to have an unpleasant feeling for that he brought this idea from Manami.


In the meantime, Kirino finds a group which allows only Otaku women to join in.

She sends a message to apply for participation, and after a few minutes, she gets a welcome reply from the community’s administrator who’s name is Saori.

Since Saori’s messages are written in very polite way, Kyosuke expects poorly that she would be a blue blood woman.

“Shout up!” Kirino shows her bad feeling at the sight of his such silly attitude.

There is also an invitation for the offline tea-party next week, and she decides to take part in that.


Some days later, they’re coming to Akihabara. By the way, Akihabara is one of the most famous city’s name as a sacred place for Otaku culture.

Kirino seems to be very psyched because she came here for the first time, even though she’s been an Otaku.

“So, where is the tea-party held?” Kyosuke tries to look into her map.

“S…Stay away from me! I don’t wanna be assumed that we’re having a date.”

“All right. Now, suit yourself whatever will happen.”

“Hey! Don’t make it like a anyone’s matter. Go along with me!”

Apparently, she’s getting nervous about meeting unknown people at her first offline meeting.

But, only women are allowed to join the tea-party, Kyosuke is considering how to help her.

“Okay, I’ll get to the cafe before you arrive, and take a seat where you can see me. I won’t speak to you but keep eye on you, right?”

Kirino accepts his suggestion with a little anxious.

(…to be continued)



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