All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-2.5)

Kyosuke arrives at the Maid Cafe.

What’s a Maid Cafe? I’m sorry to say that there are so many kinds of services (including some strange services) offered at Maid Cafe that I can’t map out all of them.

But the basic idea of Maid Cafe is that the waitresses wearing a costume like a maid (at least they think so), and serve on a customer very politely as the real maid serving on their master (at least they think so, too).


Needless to say, Kyosuke has never been to such a cafe. So he gets highly embarrassing at anything happens during all the time being at the cafe.


But the moment that made him most embarrassed was looking at a quite tall woman entering the cafe and making sure her reservation.

“May I have your name, ma’am?” a waitress asks.

“I’m Saori Vageena”

At the moment, Kyosuke is choked with his glass of water.

“Are you Saori?! and why do you add Vageena to your name?!”

He shouts in his mind, because the images he had toward Saori are extremely different from her being there now.


To understand his surprise, I’d like to explain some features about her.

Saori is dressed in a typical Otaku clothes, for example she is wearing thick glasses (We sometimes call it’s Otaku-glasses), bandanna, checked shirt putting the hem into the pants, and always carrying backpack.

In addition to that, she speaks a peculiar way as an old Japanese Samurai spoken.

However, these features of Otaku fashion are too typical to be seldom seen nowadays among the real Otaku people.


That’s why Kyosuke is being very surprised at the sight of her. (Remember that he expected that she’s a beautiful, blue blood woman…)

And Kirino throws a sharp glance at Kyosuke since he’s getting a waitress’s attention by being upset poorly.


Their first tea-party has started shortly, but Kirino seems not to enjoy the conversation.

Kirino is dressed in so fashionable style that she seems to be hard to talk for the other participants, and it makes her being isolated from the others.

Kyosuke is being worried about her.


After the tea-party finished, most of them were successfully being friends each other.

Saori left and chased after a black dressed girl who had left the cafe as soon as the party finished.

Only Kirino has been still isolated.

Kyosuke comes close to her and tries to comfort.

“I think you did your best. Well…you wanna go sightseeing Akihabara before we go back home?”

“I hardly talked…” she sighs.

“Maybe they’re scared to talk to you wearing such a showy clothes.”

“I can’t understand why I’ve been kept away from the circle although I’m doing as usual!”

She complains to him about the results, and they leave the cafe.

“Have a good day, ma’am” a waitress sees them off.

(…to be continued)

Saori Vageena


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