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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-2.7)

“Well…what’s your purpose inviting us here, Ms. Saori?” Kuroneko asks.

“As like I just said, I’d like to get more friendly with both of you because I couldn’t talk very much.”

Kyosuke remembers that Kuroneko also had been isolated at the Maid cafe like Kirino.

Saori continues “So please call me just Saori. Let’s do it informally.”

Then, Kuroneko begins to say “I can’t understand why you don’t feel ashamed that calling yourself such a name Saori in spite of your big size. Are you trying to make us laugh at the first impression? If you so, you should call yourself PSYCO-GUNDAM or BYG-ZAM next time. In addition to that I can’t help believing your all fashions and speaking senses are…”

“Hopelessly out of date Otaku.” Kirino follows her words.

They begin to insult Saori although she’s been very nice to them.


To understand their mood, I’d like to explain a little.

To begin with, her name Saori is likely to remind us (at least some Japanese) images of a little delicateness, grace, and purity, etc. So they really wanted to point out her name’s gap.

It’s also useful to understand their feeling remembering what’s happened when Kyosuke saw Saori at the first time. (See my previous post)


And, what’s PSYCO-GUNDAM and BYG-ZAM? These are very huge machineries like a robot appearing in GUNDAM one of the most famous Japan animation series.

Needless to say, it’s a humiliation for women called like that, however some of men are willing to like it, I guess.


So Kyosuke going to stop their insults.

“You’re not allowed to be free-criticizing her even though Saori wanted us to be informal! Apologize, right now!”

But these two girls don’t care of his words.

In addition to that, Saori starts to say “Don’t worry about me, Kyosuke, I’m used to such a insult. So I could even feel a nice breath of wind rather than a storm of criticism. And, you also could feel free to insult me if you would like to do, please!”

“Y…You’re hard for me to say nice or just strange…” Kyosuke gets confused.


“Come to think of it, why are you wearing such a clothes not suit at all for this off meeting at Akihabara.” Kuroneko changes her target to Kirino.

“Why bother? I’m wearing my clothes as usual and it’s really matching me. And your…”

As she’s saying, she notices that Kuroneko’s dress is pretty suitable for today’s situation.

“Oh, what’s matter of me? Keep going on.” Kuroneko seems so confident in herself.

“Do… do you wanna pretend a costume like Suigintou?” Kirino tries to put her down.


By the way, Suigintou is a name of character who appears in Rozen Maiden (a Japanese Comic) and she’s always wearing beautiful black dress.


“Definitely not. What are you looking at? This is a costume of Queen of Nightmare, a character of MASCHERA.”

“W…What’s MASCHERA? any animation?” Kyosuke asks.

“Yes, the official title is The Lament of Fallen Beasts MASCHERA, most interesting show in this season. You could watch it on TV at Thursday evening.”

“Ah, I know that Junk animation is competing in the same time-slot with MERURU


In fact, Kirino is using some difficult and dirty slang to describe MASCHERA, but they seems too difficult for foreigners to understand. So I applied Junk for that meanings.


As soon as Kuroneko hears her words, she turns her colors.

And, this is the beginning of their terrible altercation…

(…to be continued)


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