All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-2.8)

Kuroneko turned her color as soon as she heard Kirino’s word.

“I can never pass it over what you did say. Did you mean that out of date, low rating, and Junk animation the Stardust Witch MERURU?”

This time, Kirino turns her color because MERURU is her favorite animation.


Unfortunately, both are loving their each favorite animation MASCHERA or MERURU too much, so they cannot help returning it back to when they hear anything wrong about it.

While a few minutes, they’re retorting each other about their favorite animations.

In fact, they’re using some difficult slangs for describing the animation or insulting each other, however I’d like to omit each explanations because of their difficulties for foreigner (and me).


As looking at their altercations, Kyosuke tries to stop them.

“Hey you, calm down! It’s not so serious problems that you get so mad. It’s just  animation, isn’t it?”

“Huh?! What’s Just animation?!” Both snap at him at the same time.

“I…I’m sorry I used my wrong word.” Poor Kyosuke was defeated immediately.


“How impudent you are. I think it must have you isolated from the other at the off-meeting.” Kuroneko continues.

“And you! You also had been isolated using your cell phone during that time. You are so dismal!” Kirino speaks against her.

“I..I just used it for checking a news website.”


With looking at their altercation, Saori starts to talk about her opinion.

“Now, they’ve successfully been closer each other.”

“Closer? What, on earth, are you looking at?.” For Kyosuke, it seems just altercations.

“All things. They’re really cheering themselves up now compared to the past.”

“Hmm…I see. But I wonder why they could be so serious even though it’s their first meeting.”

“Because there is nothing to hesitate being candid each other when talking about their own favorite things.”

Saori seems to know how to make them (of course including herself) to get closer.


I think Saori is a really nice person and I should have to mention an incident happened at the beginning of this episode 2.

One day she heard some boys were talking about a video game which she’s also interested in when she’s leaving class with her friends. One of her friends looked at them and said “How disgusting that Otaku!”. The friend’s word made her to recognize again that she could never say to her friends she’s being Otaku.

It’s might be one of the reason that Kirino tried Kyosuke to play her games, and followed his advice.

But, as Saori is saying, Kirino looks happier now than the past.


In the mean time, Kirino and Kuroneko’s altercations are getting more and more heat up.

And it begins to gather the other customer’s eyes, so Kyosuke decides themselves to leave there.

After the war, all of them go to look around together Akihabara‘s shops especially related to their favorite animations, MASCHERA and MERURU.

Kirino and Kuroneko are talking about these products in the shop, and they seems to become a little friendly through their shopping.


In the end of their off-meeting, they arrives at the subway station.

“Oh, I suppose we enjoyed too much today.” Saori says.

“Due to your hyper” Kuroneko says to Kirino.

“It cannot be helped since it’s my first Akihabara.”

“Then, we’ll come home, see you!” Saori and Kuroneko walks away together.

Saori waves to Kirino and Kyosuke, and Kirino returns her waving with a smile.

Soon she realizes she’s waving with a toy in her hand, and feels embarrassed a little.

“Well, let’s come home?” Kyosuke asks her, but she doesn’t pay attention at him as usual and walks away alone.

“Don’t ignore me…” Kyosuke sighs again.

(…to be continued.)


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