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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-3.2)

On Sunday, Kirino, Kuroneko and Saori are in Akihabara.

Kirino finds a rare thing she’s been looking for at one shop. It really speaks to her and she can’t suppress her strong emotion to buy it.

Kuroneko: You’re too honest for your desire.

Kirino: It’s nothing of you! We’re in Akihabara now. Can I buy it anywhere else?

Saori: This kind of shopping is a once-in-a-lifetime-encounter. It’s possible that if you missed it here, you’d never see it again. There is a such saying “Jump into before you look, Get before you think.”

Kuroneko: It’s an idea only for the rich…

She sighs at Kirino being excited to buying it.


On Kyosuke’s side, he’s talking with Manami on the bench in a park. He’s explaining about what’s his sister’s problem and it has been solved. Now she seems doing well at both school and her private time.

Manami: Great. I’m so relieved hearing that. Then, is there any need for help her, Kyo-chan?”

Kyosuke: No, there is nothing troubles me now and finally I could return to my peaceful life.

Manami: Oh…

They look up the sky together. By the way, what’s “Kyo-chan“? This is one of the most typical nickname in Japan. Kyo is an abbreviation of Kyosuke, and adding chan to it. You can make most of Japanese nickname in the same way, but not all.

Kyosuke: Hmm…I think I’m still a little tired…

He makes a big yawn. Suddenly Manami removes her bag aside, and dusts her lap.

Manami: Kyo-chan! Come on, please!

She welcomes him with open arms with blushing her cheek red. Apparently she’s kindly trying to let his head sleep on her lap. But he doesn’t notice her intention.

Kyosuke: What are you doing?

Manami: Silly Kyo-chan!

Kyosuke: Why are you so mad?

Manami: Humph! You’re so insensitive, Kyo-chan!

Kyosuke: Hmm…? Okay, do you wanna go for lunch? I’d like to return your nice advice for me.

He means Manami adviced him to use the SNS.

Manami: Oh, please don’t mention that.

Kyosuke: Don’t hold back. I wanna also thank your help for my daily study.

Manami: Okay. Then which lunch to have, Kyo-chan?

Manami smiles at him, and they’re leaving the park.


Return to the Kirino side, they’re talking at Cafe. She’s so happy looking at her treasure she got.

Kuroneko: Don’t grin at Ero-Game in public.

Kirino: What’s wrong with you? It’s my own business. I would begin to play it here as soon as possible if I could do here. So you should appreciate for me to hold it on.

Kuroneko: Why I have to thank you…

Saori: I could understand your feeling very much, Kiririn-Shi. It’s really fun to think of when to enjoy the treasure you got after a long trip.

By the way, what’s Kiririn-Shi Saori said. It’s her nickname Saori named. “Shi” stands for Mr. or Ms. This method  adding “Shi” to one’s name is seldom seen at normal conversation, however we could see it sometimes at a formal situation or in some kinds of the press.

Kirino: Oh, I had a thing to remember. I’ve brought the DVD here I promised you last time.

She hands a bag DVD are in to Kuroneko.

Kuroneko: I don’t think I’ve made a such promise…

Kirino: Oh? Didn’t you beg me “Please let me watch the MERURU‘s DVD!”

Kuroneko: …I wonder what image do you have toward me in your mind…

Saori: Oh, you’ve become really close now.

Kirino & Kuroneko: Huh?!

They think themselves are not friends yet each other.

Saori: I’ve not watched yet the MERURU either, though I’ve recorded its TV show. Listening to the passionate speech about the MERURU which Kiririn-Shi made last time, I’m getting to feel I have to watch it earlier.

Kirino: You’d have to lose your important experience in the life if you didn’t watch the MERURU. Watch it as soon as possible, right?!

Saori: Yes, sir!

Kuroneko: Maybe sometime. By the way, why we’re in Akihabara? All of us are available at any spot near our house, aren’t we?

Kirino: Well…one reason is that I had some errands at here. Rather than it, it’s too dangerous for us to meet at our local town, isn’t it?

Kuroneko & Saori: Hmm…Why?

Kirino: Haven’t your parents known about your such Otaku preference yet?

Kuroneko: Yes, of course they have already know it.

Kirino: Oh? what are you doing then?

Kuroneko: Nothing particular. I’m doing as usual as now. It’s nonsense to mind too much the way the other people look at me.

Kirino: I remember you referred to my Ero-game last time.

Kuroneko: Shut up, or I’ll curse you.

Saori: Me too. My parents don’t mention too much to my Otaku preference. As long as I’m doing what I have to do, I could enjoy anything I like. And it’s nothing to be worry about to the other people.

Kirino: You right…I think so, too.

She seems to be encouraged a little, and learn something form their opinions.

Kirino: Well, where to browse in this afternoon?


Return to Kyosuke side, again.

They’re studying in a library together. Suddenly Kyosuke’s cell phone stars to ring. He holds it outside the library and finds it’s an e-mail attached a picture from Saori. He sees Kirino and Kuroneko are talking with each other about something in the photo. According to Saori’s e-mail, they’re getting along with very well. Then he’s so relieved at his sister and wishes she’ll be happy with her new friends.

(…to be continued)


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