All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-3.4)

Kyosuke comes home in the evening. Then he sees Kirino and their father are sitting in the living room facing each other. And there is a Kirino’s DVD in the package on a table between them. Their mother talks to him at the hallway.

Mother: I suppose that Kirino ran into him and dropped a DVD she’s holing on when she got home. And he found the DVD is including, I’m not sure how to describe it, something vulgar contents. Well, you seem not to be surprised at it very much. You might know something about Kirino?

Kyosuke: W…What’s about?

Mother: I meant did you know that Kirino was interested in such things.

Kyosuke: Yeah, I’ve known it.

Mother: Sure you are. I have no idea why, on earth, she has such things. I’ve never seen your Dad get so furious in recent years. So I’m very anxious about what to happen.

Suddenly Kirino bursts out of the living room and runs outside of the house, in spite of their mother trying to stop her.

Morhter: Kyosuke! Catch her, please!

Kyosuke: Y…Yes!

He hurries to get out the front door, but Kirino has gone far away on the road. Remember, she’s talented track and field athlete.

Kyosuke: Damn you! It’s just not like Ero-Game story!


He runs to the center of the town, but he cannot find her. As he is about to quit seeking of her, a familiar voice comes into his ears. Kirino is playing an arcade game, beating the Japanese drums to the rhythm with sticks, at the street, with loudly shouting the damn words for anyone.

Kyosuke: Damn you, too!

He hits her head lightly with his hand. Kirino turns her back sharply and strikes his face with her elbow.

Kirino: Oh, it’s you. Why here?

Kyosuke: It must be for you since you’ve run away from home!

Kirino: …You yuck.

Poor Kyosuke seems in pain his nose, but she doesn’t care about him at all as usual… Then they go into a cafe.


Kyosuke takes a piece of paper from Kirino, which announced an event of MERURU. It seems to say “Bring and show your MERURU‘s DVD package, and you’ll get a special autographed card!”

Kyosuke: Hmm…I see that you were supposed to have that package.

Kirino: What’s wrong.

Kyosuke: Then, Dad said what?

She begins to tell him about what their dad said to her, trembling her fist on the table.

“I won’t mention to your all makeup, showy clothes and so fourth, because you’ve paid them by your own earning. But I cannot ignore such a thing. News also reported these kind of things were having bad effects on the children, even though I don’t believe all of them. In addition to that, I heard that the people, who’re only interested in these kind of thing despite of their maturity, are despised and called Otaku. So I think there’s nothing of use for you to indulge in these things, and I must get your behavior right before you take wrong way.”

Kirino: Dad said to me that my favorites: animations, games, and today’s shopping, all of them are worthless! But I couldn’t object to him at all, I believe, although, these all things are not worthless as dad said. I’m really disappointed at myself…

Kirino is talking to Kyosuke with crying and trembling her voice. Kyosuke hands his handkerchief to her, and she wipes her tears with it.

Kirino: Hey, do you think I’m a little crazy? Am I supposed not to have any interests in these things?

(…to be continued)


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