All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-3.5)

Kirino: Is it supposed I should not have any interests to these Otaku things?

Kyosuke: It’s pretty natural idea for our dad, even the parents in general, to think so. In addition to that, he should mind your bad reputations by the other people, which might result from your such favorites. You knew it well by yourself so that you’ve never talked to any friends in class or the fashion model about your favorites, didn’t you?

She’s listening to him dropping her eyes down.

Kyosuke: Our dad, however, got your secrets. So you have to make a decision.

Kirino: Do you mean that I have to give up my Otaku preferences?

Kyosuke: It would be the best solution, if you could do so. Then dad will stop being angry at you, and you’ll also not have to sneak around behind anyone’s back for your preferences. I think you have lots of talents: in studies, sports, and looks, so you could be actually perfect girl without this Otaku preferences.

Kirino: I really know that! But, I’ll never give up it, don’t wanna give up! I’m loving it! So I cannot quit it.

Kyosuke: However you like it, it’s just worthless for Dad. There will remain a possibility that Dad force you to quit it.

Kirino: I don’t give up, don’t quit loving it, even if Dad forces me to do so. Me consist of these all things: Studying hard at school, working hard at work, and enjoying hard my favorites. Lack of anything of those should mean lack of my own personality. If Dad threw away my all favorite stuff: animations and games, it couldn’t make any changes of my past. So I’ll never give up my love for these things!

Kyosuke: All right, good enough answer of you.

Kirino: What?

Kyosuke: I’ll take over all these disaster from you, Kirino.

(…to be continued)


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