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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-3.6)

He returns home, and takes a bag something in it from his mother.

Mothre: Is it all right?

Kyosuke: Yeah, Kirino will be home in about 30 minutes later. So please let us, me and Dad, be alone in the room until she’ll come home.

Mother: Okay I’ll shop some alcohol outside for him.

She sees Kyosuke’s face so serious.

Mothre: I’ve never seen your such…

Kyosuke: Huh?

Mother: Never mind, good luck!

She leaves home with smile.


Kyosuke enters the living room.

Kyosuke: Hey Dad.

Father: You’re supposed to greet when you come home, aren’t you?

Kyosuke: Ah, sorry. I’m home now, Dad. I’d like to talk to you about Kirino.

Father: I heard about that you’d already known Kirino had these things.

Kyosuke: Y…Yes.

Father: Then is there something you need?

Kyosuke: Would you like to permit Kirino to enjoy her own preference?

Father: Are you kidding?

Kyosuke: I’m so serious, and I’ll prevent her being gave up her preferences and forced to throw away her all favorite stuff kept in secret from you!

Father: Are there another things being hidden?

Kyosuke gets upset that he carelessly told Dad about her secret collections.

Kyosuke: Anyway, don’t take these kinds of things: animations and games, from her, please!

Father: Why are you eager to cover her up? Tell me the reason you do so. I’ll decide how to discipline my daughter after that.

Kyosuke: She… Kirino has understood well her own strange preferences so that she’s been keeping it secret from the other and enjoyed it by only herself. But, gradually she hoped if she could have anyone to talk with. It’s just a few days ago that she finally got new friends she’d hoped as the results of her own great efforts to seek an opportunity for making friends and courage to meet them, whom she met today again.

Don’t assume it worthless even though you don’t really know how difficult it was for her to make new friends. I’ve looked at her favorite things, even met her new friends who has same favorites like Kirino. Actually they were likely to be thought as “strange people”. But I got to like them because they seemed so happy as if they’re crazy. They  started altercation about their own favorites in spite of it’s their first meet. At the first time, I wasn’t able to understand why they could be so mad each other. As it goes, however, I noticed they were so serious about, so absorbed in their favorites that they fought with each other.

How amazing! That helped them to become frank friends like a long-time-friend! It’s nothing to be blamed by anyone! It’s great being zealous in something, isn’t it?!

Father: I’m not meaning about friends, but these kinds of things may cause undesirable effects to Kirino.

Kyosuke: Have you ever seen “undesirable effects” on her?

He takes lots of prizes from the bag, which Kirino has gotten as the results of her study or sports.

Kyosuke: All these prizes are showing she’s been excellent at anything, isn’t it?

Father: I’ve allowed her wearing such too fancy clothes and having a job as fashion model instead of she promises to get good grades at school. Of course I’m not agreed with it completely.

Kyosuke: You’re too narrow heart! Don’t you think it’s okay she has just one strange preference?

Father: No, it’s my own duty to discipline my children. That’s over?

Kyosuke: Not yet!

He takes one thick file folder from the bag and shows it his father.

Father: Oh?!

Kyosuke: I heard it’s a your treasure from mum.

There are many scraps of fashion magazine’s picture which Kirino is in it as a fashion model in the folder.

Kyosuke: If you didn’t like her activities, you’d never collect such scraps, don’t you?

Father: Parents are supposed to supervise their own children’s work. It’s just a reason.

Kyosuke: What did you think about her results?

Father: Nothing to be shamed.

Kyosuke: Then, how about it?

He shows a picture in his cellphone to his father, which Kirino, Kuroneko and Saori are seem happy in it.

Father: What’s that?

Kyosuke: Kirino’s friend sent me it by e-mail. Do you think it’s a sort of being shamed?! This is what she obtained in the end, and all these things( he points  these prizes, pictures, and Otaku DVD on the table) are making her own character. So if she would lack anything of them, that should mean she lose herself.

If you couldn’t still understand it, I would strike you instead of Kirino!

(…to be continued)


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