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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-5.2)

Ayase grabs Kirino’s arm tight in order not to escape her.

Kirino: I… I didn’t escape from you.

Ayase: It’s not true. You’re lying. Lie! Lie! Lie!

She gets so excited and goes on shouting out.

Ayase: You did escape, didn’t you?!

Kyosuke: Hey, Ayase…

Ayase: You don’t speak anything, will you?! I’m just talking to Kirino now!

Kyosuke: S… Sorry.

He is overwhelmed by her odd air.

Ayase: Hey, Kirino. I’m really worried about you. So, please tell me what you’re trying to hide from me.

Kirino: No, I’m not. It’s not such a thing you’re saying.

Ayase: You know I really hate being tricked by anyone, right?!

She shouts so loudly that the people near there bring their attention to her.

Ayase: Do you mean it’s no use talking to me so that you’re telling nothing? I’m so sad since I’ve been thinking of you as my closest friend, which turned out to be just my illusion.

She grabs her hand more tight as she gets more excited, which hurts Kirino’s wrist.

Kirino: I hurt…

Ayase: I… I’m sorry!

Her painful voice helps Ayase come to herself a moment.

Ayase: I’ve had a hunch something wrong is going to happen to you for once, and it makes me really wanna help you. So, what’s in the bag?

She gazes at Kirino’s bag. Of course, Kirino can’t answer anything.

Ayase: Comic Circle Market

She reads the letters printed on the bag. Suddenly Kirino breaks into a run in order to escape.

Ayase: Hey, where do you go?! It’s not finished!

She tries to hold on Kirino and grabs the edge of the bag by accident. The bag was torn off and the things in the bag are scattered onto the ground.

Kirino: Oh!

Ayase picks up one of the Dojinshi and flips through it. They; Kirino and kyosuke can’t say anything. Ayase begins to talk to Kirino, getting really shocked with the contents of it.

Ayase: I’m sorry I can’t get along with you any more. Please won’t talk to me even at school.

She’s said and gone away in the raining. Kirino can’t help just seeing her off.

To make sure your understanding, I’d like to repeat that Dojinshi is often having lots of dirty contents or expressions, which made Ayase too disgusted to make her break up with Kirino.


At the same time, Kuroneko and Saori are in the train, remembering that Kirino called themselves gross.

Saori: I think she didn’t say that seriously.

Kuroneko: I know. It’s shame that sometimes people can’t act as they’d like to.

Probably she felt they could be more close to each other through this event. So it’s sad that Kirino called them gross, even though it wasn’t the true of her thought.


Kirino and Kyosuke arrives home. He is talking to Saori on the phone.

Kyosuke: Thank you for taking care of us. We could manage to deal with that situation for the help of you.

Saori: I did make a call on Kiririn-shi but she wasn’t available.

Kyosuke: She’s already gone to bed, looked tired.

Saori: Nice. Kuroneko-shi has been also worried about her like me.

Kyosuke: I’m really sorry about my sister said to both of you. I’ll tell her to apologize to you.

Saori: Please don’t mention it at all.

Kyosuke: Again, thanks for all your help today.

He hangs up. Of course he’s been telling her a lie. The accident ended up the worst result, which is Kirino and Ayase had broken up. And Kirino still seems to be crying in the bathroom, taking a shower.

( to be continued )


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