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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-5.4)

Next morning, Kyosuke sees Kirino and their mother are talking at inside the front door.

Mom: It’s the beginning day of your training camp for the track and field. Are you ready for it?

Kirino: I sure am. Please count on me, mom. Then, I’m off.

Kyosuke is still worried about her accident happened the other day, but she looks like very cheerful as if she’s never minded it any more.

After he see her off, he goes back to his room and continues to play the game that Kirino told him to finish sooner before going to Natsu-Comi.

Kirino is sometimes about to slip her concentration on during the training camp, but she manages to get it back and goes on running.

At the same time, Kyosuke finally finishes the game; Siscalypse and it makes him be able to play player versus player game with her sister. He gets feel happy with it, although he notices Kirino is away home now.


Some days later, Kirino finishes her training camp and comes back home. She sees him but tries to pass by him without saying anything.

Kyosuke: Hey, now you gotta play the game with me, will you?

Kirino: Whatever.

She doesn’t seem to be interested in it.


After a new school term began, Kirino is lying on the couch in the living room without cheer after school. Kyosuke gets worried about her.

Kyosuke: What’s up at the edge of new term?

Kirino: Nothing.

Kyosuke: Ayase might expose your secret against your promise?

Kirino: She never do such things!

Kyosuke: Then, have you made up with her? … Hey, listen! Look at me!

Kirino: Don’t make me bother! You’re overweighting yourself since I’ve been nice to you these days. It’s so gross!

Kyosuke: Fine!

Kirino: What?

Kyosuke: I meant it’s fine I was gross. I’m a silly brother misunderstanding that I could be close to his own sister, aren’t you? So I’ll never let you go away until you tell me about your matter.

Kirino: W.. What are you saying?

Kyosuke: You haven’t made up with Ayase?

Kirino: Are you kidding me? It’s impossible for us to do so just after the incident…

Kyosuke: But you seemed to be as usual the next day after that happening.

Kirino: I had to take part in the training camp, so I couldn’t remain depressed at that time.

Kyosuke: What do you mean?

Kirino: Well, I was one of the players selected for the training camp among other many players, who couldn’t be able to even though they wanted. So I owed it to ourselves to succeed the camp. I wanted to separate private matters from it.

Kyosuke: I see… Then, didn’t you talk to Ayase after that?

She remains silence…

Kyosuke: What’re you going to do that?

Kirino: … No idea, No options…

Kyosuke: Do you think it’s okay that you’re going on breaking up with your closest friend?

Kirino: Stop talking! You’ve been saying to me as you like! Let me leave alone!

Kyosuke: It’s your weak mind that gets on my nerves! You weren’t such guy who gives up anything so easily even though you’re risking more humiliation and failure?

Kirino: Humph! You’re too late to give me a lecture with making up you look serious! I don’t accept you so easily as that boring one does!

He gets mad at her insulting Manami, so he grabs her arm.

Kyosuke: Hey!

Kirino: Don’t touch me! Don’t play brotherhood after a long time you’ve been left me alone!

Kyosuke: W… What’s that…?

He is astonished at her words, and sees tears in her eyes.

Kirino: S… Stop talking!

She realizes she slipped her real thought that she’d been having to him. She kicks him in the crotch ( OUCH! ) and goes on crying by hitting him with the cushion she’s holding.

Kirino: I do know it’s never good we remain bad terms! My identity? Weak mind? It’s not so easy problem as you say! You’ll never know my thought!

She loses her breath by getting too excited, and says with weak voice.

Kirino: Your work hasn’t finished yet… I still need your life advice for me…

Kyosuke: All right. I’ve been waiting for your that words, silly my sister?

Once again, he resolves to rescue his sister from the crisis.

( to be continued )


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