All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-5.6)

Some days later, Kyosuke comes to see Ayase in a park.


Ayase: Then, what’s the matter with me?

Kyosuke: You said Kirino’s preference was nasty although she didn’t give it up, so it’s impossible to make up for with each other, right?

Ayase: Yes, so what?

Kyosuke: I looked into several matters about the crime you’d talked to me.

He explains to her what he heard from his father.

(Dad): I have a couple of knowledge about the case since I’ve had some information transfered from the juvenile division. So I know well about the journalist who wrote that articles. I’ve been investigating about the case by accident. It’s never for both you. Don’t make any silly guess.

Kyosuke takes copy of materials for the case from his father and brings them here. By the way, their father seems to have a job in the police.

Kyosuke: As a conclusion, the criminal of the case “Siscalypse” withdrew that he imitated the way like the game for trying to murder a girl by electricity, although he certainly admitted it at first.

Ayase: What? I can’t buy it!

Kyosuke: But it’s true. He’s confessed that he showed off his stun gun to harass the victim. It’s nothing but a disgusting case anyway.

Ayase: Why do you know the matter?

Kyosuke: News’ saying so, however it’s become a much smaller article than the one earlier.

Ayase: But, the journalist weren’t saying so…

Kyosuke: Here. It’s an apologetic statement of the guy. He’s saying that he’d like to apologize people for misunderstanding about the facts caused by his inappropriate statement at the early process of this case. Then he’s continued that he’s going to report a fact through the press activity as it goes.

Ayase: I’ve never learned that on TV…

Kyosuke: I don’t think all of what he’s said about this crime is false, or it’s a criticism of Otaku just made up neither. But as this case, the journalist was supposed to mislead people. In addition to that, a part of media took advantage of it. There are also another facts on this copy. Here. Read it by yourself.

He passes copies of newspaper to her.

Ayase: I… I can’t believe these written down here.

Kyosuke: Also a causal relationship between video games and a loss of humanity  hasn’t been proved yet. So I want you to correct you’d called Otaku as potential criminals. Of course, there might be a few real criminals in them but not all of them.

Ayase: … You say same things as Kirino said. All right, I’d admit it was my fault as for this case. But, it’ll never change Kirino’s preference is disgusting!

Kyosuke: As far as you’re concerned, it has to be gross. She’s been keeping it as a secret because she’s also recognized her preference is weird. Could you pretend not to see something about her preferences?

Ayase: Yeah, she’s deceived us for the secret actually.

Kyosuke: It was only the matter of necessity to tell you, not trick. Above all, she didn’t want to break up with you! Why can’t you see that? You’re the closest friend of her, aren’t you?!

Ayase: Don’t say that even you never know how close our relationship is! I’m the best to understand her! So I do know that Kirino is false! Give me back genuine Kirino, my best friend!

She shouts at him with crying. But, next moment, they hears a someone’s shout.

Kirino: Don’t be too ridiculous!

(to be continued)


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