All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-6.0)

One day in October, Kyosuke and Manami are having a conversation in the classroom.

Kyosuke: Halloween?

Manami: Yup. Halloween.

Kyosuke: Why halloween? Your home owns Japanese sweets shop, doesn’t it? Nothing is concerned with it.

Manami: Right. So we’ve tried to make Western-style-like Japanese sweets for the halloween sale.

Kyosuke: Those are no longer Japanese sweets…

Manami: Oh, do you think so? Anyway, we’ve finished making them all, and the sale’s day is tomorrow. So I’d like you to try them before we put them on sale. Are you available after school today?

Kyosuke: Yeah, I’m supposed I could.

Manami: I’m glad to hear that. Please look forward to it, which should surprise you.

At that time, someone calls Manami and she has gone for it. Then another male classmate comes up to Kyosuke.

Akagi: Have you been seeing Tamura (It’s the last name of Manami)? I’ve been so concerned with it for a long time, actually.

Kyosuke: Nope. Shall we look like so?

Akagi: Yeah, or anyone should think so.

Kyosuke: It isn’t a sort of such things although we’ve been close to each other since we were kids.

Akagi: Well, you don’t have any feelings of love toward her, do you?

Kyosuke: Hey, Akagi. For example, if you have a very very nice grandma.

Akagi: What’s that? It doesn’t seem to have to do with it at all.

Kyosuke: If she suddenly got younger for 50 years or so because of, let’s say, a sort of magic, what did you, who’d been especially preferring her, feel like her?

Akagi: How I’m supposed to know it? The plot is too fantastic.

Kyosuke: You’re right and it’s the same way for me, after all.

Akagi: I still can’t see what you’re meaning.

Kyosuke: There is no trouble for me if you can’t find it.

Akagi: In short, you mean you aren’t seeing her now, and you’ll never do it in the future as well, right?

Kyosuke: Why are you so concerned with me? It’s none of your business.

Akagi: Let’s say, if there is any guy who trying to get her, you still don’t care about it at all, do you?

Kyosuke: Eh? Of course, yes. I’ll never allow it. Where is a such fantastic guy? I’d knock him down if I found.

Akagi: I see. You’re saying that she isn’t your girlfriend, but just a childhood friend. In addition to that, you don’t have any feeling of love toward her. However you can never admit her going with anyone else, right?

Kyosuke: Is there anything wrong?

Akagi: Sure there is…

He gives a big sigh.

(to be continued)


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