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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-6.4)

Kyosuke promised to help their work, thus he’s trying to carry a large bag maybe contains ingredients for foods from a truck to their workshop. It’s too heavy for him to walk with steady steps while he carries it. Seeing at him with trouble, Manami’s father assists him and Kyosuke says thank you for his help.


When he arrives at the door of their workshop, he sees Rock; a younger brother of Manami, is playing a Samisen; the Japanese music instruments like banjo but it has only three strings. Although it’s quite traditional music instrument, it’s certainly not popular especially among the young. So Rock is a little weird in this way.

Kyosuke: Hey, what are you doing here.

Rock: Listen. At last, I’ve realized what counts for the Rock music. It’s not my appearance but the way how to live my own life. So it’s never important which hair styles I’m having, skinhead or close-cropped. I’m ready for shouting songs tomorrow event.

Kyosuke: But why Samisen? You’d rather look like a Biwa-playing minstrel than a rock-star.

By the way, Biwa-playing minstrel (= Biwa Hoshi in Japanese) is a kind of clerics who played Biwa (it’s also a kind of string instruments like a lute) sometimes with singing, who was seen in the Japan Heian era since 8th to 12th century approximately. They were clerics basically, so they tended to be bald. Kyosuke is meaning it.

Rock: But there isn’t any guitar with my home!

At that moment, the door opens and pushes Rock down onto the ground. His father appears from inside and tells Rock “Work with us”.

Rock: Yes…


In the evening, after finishing work help he is taking a break at the veranda.

Kyosuke: It was really hard.

Manami: Thank you very much for your work, Kyo-Chan. Which would you like to take a bath or have dinner?

Kyosuke: Why bath?

Manami: Because my Grandpa, Grandma and Dad are making offer you to stay our house tonight considering you’ve worked hard late.

Kyosuke: Oh, I see.

Manami: Yeah, Grandpa, Grandma and Dad seem so happy to meet you after a long while. Then Grandpa and Grandma are, well, Grandma and Grandpa were…

Kyosuke: Forget it. I’m willing to stay.

Manami: Really?!

Kyosuke: Sure. It’s also weekend tomorrow.

Trying to explain her feeling, she also wanted him to stay at their house but it was a little embarrassing for her to tell him it. So she used the other’s opinions to persuade him to stay with. Eventually she got confused while she was explaining it. Since Kyosuke known about her well, he took her thought even from her confusion and accepted her offer.


They go back into the house.

Manami: It’s pretty long time that you stay at our house.

Kyosuke: Hmm… Come to think of it, it certainly is. I used to come here once in a while.

Manami: I suppose that you’re getting a little self-conscious about coming to your female friend’s house since you’ve been matured?

Kyosuke: No kidding. Why I have to be so nervous about it?

Manami: You don’t become nervous, do you?!

Kyosuke: Not at all. I could be more relaxed here than in my own home. …Hey, what are you thinking?

Manami: Nothing. I’m just happy about you saying so.

Kyosuke: Hmm…?

She smiles at him sweetly.


At the Kirino’s house, they’re also going to have dinner. She is looking at the absent seat of Kyosuke in the dinning room. It never seems to make her happy.

Dad: He is?

Mom: He’s staying at Mr.Tamura’s house tonight. He’s still young child he used to be.

Dad: Then did you give our regards to them?

Mom: Sure. Also they said he was very helpful for Halloween.

Dad: For Halloween? What that mean?

Kirino: “Itadaki masu” (= it’s a stock phrase before having meal in Japanese)

She begins to eat her dinner, giving a kick to Kyosuke’s chair without being noticed by her parent.

(to be continued)


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