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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-6.5)

After having dinner, they are relaxed in the living room. Rock is training for playing a samisen.

Rock: Hey brother, tell me how to play C minor chord?

Kyosuke: Listen Rock. There’s no chord with samisen.

Manami: Kyo-Chan, would you like to take a bath after Dad? He’ll be out soon.

Kyosuke: It’d be okay I’m the last to take. Go ahead instead of me.

Manami: I don’t mind after you.

Kyosuke: Nah, you go.

Then she comes up with something and sits down next to him. She whispers to him.

Manami: Should we take a bath together?

Kyosuke: W… What?!

Manami: Full of the blush on your face!

She giggles at him fluttered with her words.

Kyosuke: All right! Let’s go together!

Manami: Eh?! Are you serious?!

Kyosuke: Of course I’m so serious! You wouldn’t decline it despite making the offer yourself, would you?

He’s trying to pay her back for her teasing.

Rock: I’m just fascinated your manhood, brother!

Kyosuke: Thank you, Rock.

Rock: Oooh! You’re so cool!

He’s rooting for Kyosuke with playing the samisen loudly.

Kyosuke: Come on, you’ll see the best of me!

She gets overwhelmed by him and unable to stand up. So she crawls near the door and makes shouts.

Manami: Hey Grandma! He’s saying he’d love to take a bath with me! I don’t know what to do?!

Kyosuke: Hey! Don’t give it away!

Grandma: I don’t mind it at all.

Suddenly she’s coming into the room.

Kyosuke: I was just kidding!

Grandpa: It looks like you’re eager to do so.

Suddenly he’s appeared from under the table, too.

Kyosuke: No way!


In the same time, Kirino is also taking a bath. She’s been unhappy with his absence.


At the Manami’s house again. Kyosuke took a bath and now he’s in the living room.

Kyosuke: Thank you for a good bath.

Grandma: Your welcome. I’ve made your bed ready in the room you used to use.

Kyosuke: Thanks a lot. Then I’m going to bed.

Manami: Well, I’m going back to my room, too.

They are leaving the room together behind Grandma and Rock.

Rock: Please tell me how to play samisen, Grandma?

Grandma: No problem. What do you like to do?

Rock: Of course, it should be a Rock ‘n’ roll!

Funny Rock…


Walking together, she asks to him.

Manami: Do you remember when the last time we’d been together until going to bed?

Kyosuke: Hmm… it’d be for about 4 years?

They don’t notice there is Grandpa hiding the shade of the stairs.

Manami: Good night.

They’re going apart to the each room. As he goes into his bedroom, he finds there are 2 futons (= Japanese bedding ) laying side by side.

Kyosuke: What’s this?!

At the same time Manami rushes to him.

Manami: Kyo-Chan! I can’t find my futon. Something should have happened with it! …Eh? Is that mine over there?

Kyosuke: I guess so.

Manami: How it’s supposed to be there, besides both futons are laying so close to each other… Did you do it?

Kyosuke: Never! We need to be calm down at first. Then try to make consideration to this circumstances. Well… I got it that I’ve certainly done it myself, after all!

Manami: You’ve never looked like calm down, Kyo-Chan!

He is a little in confuse because of finding their futons are in the same bedroom against his expectation. And next moment, suddenly Grandpa jumps into them and falls down the floor at the front of the bedroom.

Manami: Grandpa?!

Kyosuke: What are you, on earth, doing here?!

He stands up unsteadily and speaks to them weakly as if he was in serious sick.

Grandpa: Something with my heart…

Speaking to them, he leans against Kyosuke and pushes them into the bedroom. Both Kyosuke and Manami fall down onto the futon being entangled with one another.

Manami: Yaah!

Kyosuke: Stop kidding, Grandpa!

Grandpa: Because of the trauma of the war, I would have a serious heart attack if you didn’t go to the same bed there with her, Kyo-Chan.

Kyosuke: I never heard of a trauma like you say!

Grandpa: Oh… I hurt my heart… and I feel like my wife is calling me from Sanzu no kawa. (=the River Styx)

Giving fake coughs, he continues to urge them to sleep together.

Kyosuke: Your wife is still alive downstairs. It’s nonsense that we alone go to bed together in the same room despite the fact that we’ve grown up already. Also she must think…

Manami: I… I don’t mind being with you all night unless you mind it…

She tells him making her face blushing for the shame.

Kyosuke: W… What?

Grandpa: Then, have fun.

Kyosuke: Hey, wait this old goat!

Grandpa leaves behind them in the bedroom.

To make sure your understanding, the person who put their bedding together in the same room was Grandpa. Remember he and his wife desire them, Kyosuke and their grand daughter, to get married 😉


On the other hand, Kirino is on the way to her own room from the bathroom. She stops at the door of Kyosuke’s room and kicks it again and again to get rid of her stress which results from his absence.

(to be continued)


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