All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-6.6)

They turns off the light.

Manami: I feel like we’re going back to the childhood.

Kyosuke: Come to think of that, we used to sleep together like this in those days.

Manami: I never expected it would happen again at our age.

Kyosuke: It seems that we’ve completely fallen for Grandpa’s trick, I don’t know Grandma also took part in it though. Then I’m going to sleep.

Manami: Good night, Kyo-Chan.


A few minutes passed.

Manami: Are you still awake?

Kyosuke: Yeah, I am.

Manami: So… I hope we’ll be able to go to the same college.

Kyosuke: I hope so, too. I wonder what’s going on with us if we go to same college after graduate from high school.

Manami: What do you mean?

Kyosuke: Several means.

Manami: Hmm… I think nothing would change so much.

Kyosuke: It might be, hehe. Can I ask you, Manami?

Manami: Yes?

Kyosuke: If someone asked you for seeing him, what would you do?

Manami: ?!!! What’s that?!

She is astonished by his question.

Kyosuke: I’m just saying about tentative story. It’s possible that some fantastic guys would appear around you.

Manami: I… I don’t know the answer for the tentative question…

Kyosuke: Right… Sorry. It’s my fault.

Manami: How about you? What would you do if someone asked you for seeing her?

After a few silence, he replies.

Kyosuke: I’d decline.

Manami: Why?

Kyosuke: I want everything remains like now, because I love peaceful daily life. In this way, your home is good enough for me to feel comfortable.

Manami: I have your idea. Our life remains longer each other.

Kyosuke: You speak like an old woman.

Manami: You too! You’re like an old man, Kyo-Chan!

Kyosuke: Hehe.

Manami: Hey, the next time, I’d like to… Ah, sorry. Please forget it.

Kyosuke: The next time… The next time, would you come my home?

Manami: Y… Yes! I’d love to!

Kyosuke: Okay, someday.

Manami: Yes, please. Good night.

Kyosuke: I wonder how many times did you say good-night. Now let’s sleep.

Manami: Yup.

They’re falling asleep.


In the same time, Kirino is still difficult to fall asleep on the bed. She is thinking about Kyosuke clinging to the body pillow.

Kirino: Never come back home, that silly guy…

It seems that she’s much missing him.


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