All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-7.7)

Kirino is taking a shower and he’s sitting on the bed getting a little nervous. It seems they’re in some fancy room now. Suddenly his cellphone starts to ring and it astonishes him to jump up from the bed.

Voice: Is it Kyo-Chan?

Kyosuke: Um, it’s you, Manami? What’s matter of me?

Manami: Yeah, you said you have something to do today, right?

Kyosuke: Ah, yes.

Manami: I’d like you to stop by my house on the way home after you’ve finished your business because I’ve made a Christmas cake for you.

Kyosuke: All right. I’ll call on you unless it would be too late.

Manami: Yup, thank you.

Kyosuke: It’s weird you to say thanks.

Manami: Um… Kyo-chan, do you happen to be with any girl right now?

Kyosuke: Nah… but here’s my sister.

Manami: Kirino-Chan?

Kyosuke: Y… Yes.

Manami: Ah, are you having a Christmas date with her then?

Kyosuke: Well, I’m not sure it should be called like that…

At that moment, Kirino is coming out the bathroom.

Kirino: I’m feeling so good now after taking a shower. Hey, do you know what’s that strange object comes out from the wall in the hotel’s bathroom?

Manami: What? Hotel?

Kyosuke: O… Oh my! The signal’s happen to be cut off!!

He imitates a sudden hang up and ends the talk with her. He doesn’t want her to know he’s being with Kirino in the hotel’s room.

Kirino: Oh? Who are you talking to? It’s that boring girl, right?

Kyosuke: Don’t come out from the bath only wearing a such gown!

Kirino: Gross! Are you silly to be aroused by your own young sister? I can’t understand this man of sister complex!

Kyosuke: I’d like to be said like that by anyone else but you!

Kirino: All right. I’ll give up my another research here because I expect some sexual danger would happen with me, Shiori-Chan is supposed to stay a night in the hotel with the leading character in the novel, though.

It seems that they’ve been the hotel room for this reason. Basically this kind of hotels are used by a couple for short period of time to one night for making love. Of course it’s pretty unusual only the brother and his sister come to this place 😉

Kyouske: Put up your clothes, dry your hair and get out of here quickly!

They’re walking down on the street beautifully illuminated with Christmas lights.

Kyosuke: Have you made it after all?

Kirino: Hmm…

Kyosuke: Was it worth you’d spent the whole of the day Christmas Eve?

She stops walking and is thinking something seriously.

Kirino: I’ve hit on a brainstorm!

Kyosuke: What?

Kirino: Yes! I’m sure I’ll be able to write great one since I’m coming up with wonderful idea!

Kyosuke: Hey, let me know what’s that!

It’s beginning to snow. He stops walking and looks up the sky.

Kirino: Hey, hurry up. The lights are gonna turn!

She turns around and smiles to him on the crosswalk. Then it’s glanced she’s putting on the earrings he presented to her.

Kyosuke: All right, I will…

It’s not sure if he noticed that.


Kyosuke: ( It was a impossible day of Christmas Eve. However I’d never thought at that time how surprising things would happen in the future… )


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