All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-8.7)

Kyosuke: ( I have to do anything to back her up because… I’m her elderly brother! )

He turns resolutely himself to the staffs.

Kyosuke: My sister’s been a ultra-Otaku so she’s so glad like a kids to find that her own novel’s going to be an animation. She also wrote a lot of her idea to this animation going through busier time, for school, job, and club activity, pushing herself too much until she gets sick in bed. So, if she finds her ideas won’t work, she has to be very disappointed to death, hurt and cry. I really understand it’s a matter of business for you and I’m terrible out-of-place. But she’s my sister even a business partner for you. So I can’t help asking you like this…

He throws himself on the floor.

Fate: Oh…

Kyosuke: Please listen to her! That novel is what my sister’s written after working so hard! You all are the professional of animation, aren’t you?! Then let me show your work in earnest! She should be disillusioned by her favorite thing, animation if it’d go on like this! Will that mean spoiling all your work that you’ve done?

Director: …

Kyouske: Please don’t let all your work go bad!

Kuroneko: You’re making nonsense.

Kyosuke: What the heck!

Kuroneko: But… I agree with him. No matter how envious, jealous of you’re or you don’t like that book, it shouldn’t be treated as you like.

She looks at the script writer.

Kuroneko: Please consider it again…

She can see his mind’s changing on his face.


After that meeting, they’re on the train.

Kyosuke: Keep today’s discussions secret from Kirino, OK?

Kuroneko: Why you can say we could tell her?

Saori: Well, I hope something will be changing at least.

Kuroneko: No clue. I’ll leave all other things to Fate since we’re only outsider after all.

He gives a big yawn. Then Kuroneko begins to gaze at him.

Kyosuke: What’s matter?

Kuroneko: It’s nice occasion to ask you why are you taking care of your sister so much even though she’s been hard on you?

Kyosuke: … I’m not sure myself.

Kuroneko: Sister complex?

Kyosuke: Never!

Kuroneko: Masochism?

Kyosuke: Don’t be ridiculous!

Kuroneko: Why then?

Kyosuke: Uh… because we’re brother and sister, I guess.

Kuroneko: I see. …I’m jealous of her…


A few days later, when Kyosuke comes home he sees Kirino looking at some documents which rewritten about the animation’s plot after the last meeting. She seems very happy.

Kirino: After all, most of my ideas seem to have passed. Because of my great zeal, or talking directly to them? I’ve known it’s a communication the most counted for the animation that has an original work like this! Wow! there’s the name of Mr. Chuganji considered for the character designer! I’ll ask him for his autograph!

Kyosuke smiles at her seeing she’s so excited.

Kirino: … But you won’t be able to do that, right?

Kyosuke: I don’t want that…

Of course she doesn’t know how big effort he and friends of her have made for her. So she assumes all this results were coming from her own effort.

Kirino: Moreover, please don’t speak to me so casually?

Kyosuke: ( That’s my word! )

He’s leaving the living room getting mad at her. And then…

Kirino: Hey.

Kyosuke: Yes?

Kirino: The next time will be the last that I ask you for my life advice.

Kyosuke: …Eh?


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