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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-9.1)

Return to Kyosuke and Kirino. Kyosuke is listening to music using headphones on his bed. He’s boring to browse cellphone’s monitor.

Kyosuke: I wish Kirino would go out anywhere…

At the same time in Kirino’s room, she’s just begun to play the Ero-Game she bought. She’s grinning to herself. Then a character in the game starts to speak. Not surprisingly it’s quite common these characters have their own voices recently. The girl’s name is Rinko.

Rinko: Do you wanna say you’re my brother?? It’s quite terrible! I can’t believe it!

Of course she’s speaking to the player of this game, Kirino in this case.

Kirino: This girl’s Rinko-Chan and…

Miyabi: I’m so glad to meet you. I wish I’ll get along with you, brother!

An another girl appears in the monitor.

Kirino: Hee hee, she’s Miyabi-Chan! I really like her… Which one to begin first?

She grins to herself even more stupidly. At that moment suddenly her cellphone rings out. She gets very surprised by it.

Kirino: Hey, who’s this?! … Oh, it’s just my business one…


The scene has changed again. There’s Ayase working on her fashion model in a park. Now she’s having a break sitting on a bench.

Ayase: What’s Kirino up to?

She makes a call to her, but no one answers it. The automated answering voice says “This number you’re calling now might be out of the area or the power is out.”

Ayase: I remember she turn her cellphone off when she studies for concentrating on that. How admirable she is! I also have to follow that.

Of course Kirino doesn’t shut her cellphone off not for studying but preventing her from being interrupted by anyone else during playing the game. But there’s no possibility for Ayase to even expect that.


Again Kirino. She’s been stupid at the front of the monitor.

Kirino: Rinko-Chaaan!

Rinko: You’re so gross! Don’t be too familiar with me!

Kirino: Aha, please don’t say like that.

Rinko: Don’t open your mouth, fool guy!

Kirino: Hmm…

There’re 2 options appear in the game for answering to Rinko. One is saying to her “Don’t be too ridiculous!” and another is “Putting up with her”. Kirino is in two mind for a while and she decides to select to put up with her at last.

Rinko: Don’t you feel anything even though I’ve tried to get a rise out of you? Are you chicken?

Kirino: What should I do…

Rinko: You’d better die, I guess. There might be no point that you’re alive.

Her words make Kirino get mad.

Kirino: D… Damn game! All right. Have you been educated properly? You’re my sister!

Rinko: Shut up! You never my relatives! Don’t act as if you’re my brother!

I might have heard of her this line in the past from the other person… Anyway, Kirino is so shocked with her words.

Kirino: Are you kidding?! You’ve been too rude to me, haven’t you?! There’s no reason that I’m criticized by you like that!

Her shout is so loud that sounds next to Kyosuke’s room.

Kyosuke: Who is she altercating with…?

Kirino: G…G…Gross!!!

She grabs a stuffed animal and runs around in her room swinging it roughly again and again. After a while she gets a little cool down and speaks to Rinko.

Kirino: I’ll make you later!

Kyosuke: It’s just Ero-Game that she was altercating…

( to be continued )

  Rinko    Miyabi


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