All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-9.2)

Kuroneko’s house again.

Her younger sister is drawing something on a piece of paper.

Kuroneko: What are you drawing?

Sister: MERURU!

Then Kuroneko remembers there’re DVDs of MERURU she borrowed from Kirino.

Kuroneko: Do you wanna watch MERURU’s show?

Sister: Yes!


On the other hand, Kirino’s still been indulging in playing with younger sisters in the game.

Miyabi: I’m sorry what Rinko has done to you but please don’t blame her so much, brother.

Kirino: Oh!

Miyabi: I’m sure Rinko’s been also glad to have a new brother just in her mind.

Kirino: Really?

Miyabi: Yes, she’s very shy.

Kirino: She’s never a kind of that. She’s 100% sour and has no sweet. I wonder she’s trying to make a fool of users? She’s too terrible to be a heroine of the game. Let me see her adorable a bit more.

Miyabi: Hey bro, I’m so glad to meet you, so Rinko has to be the same. I can see that because we’re twins. I love you very much, bro.

Kirino: Oooohhhh!

She blushes at Miyabi’s words. Suddenly she stands up and walks up to the closet slowly. Then she gets out a poster of this game (SiSxSiS) from there and put it on the wall. After that, she puts headphones on and dive on to the bed. She looks getting excited a little…

Kirino: Wow! Haa haa…

She lets her computer repeat Rinko’s voice “I love you very much, bro.” again and again and listen to it through the headphones. She’s almost dying due to her joy, holding a pillow and rolling on the bed.

Kirino: You’re too adorable to let me dying, Miyabi-Chan! This game is the out of this world!

Her shout sounds next to the Kyosuke’s room.

Kyosuke: What’s going on in her room…

( to be continued )


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