All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-9.3)

As Kirino’s enjoying the good aftertaste of the game on her bed, Kuroneko’s younger sister is watching the show of MERURU in their house.

Kuroneko: Do you enjoy it?

Sister: Yes!

Kuroneko: I see…

Taking a close look, she’s sewing something.


Rinko: Hey! Why are you here?!

Kirino: That’s exactly my words! While I promised to go out with Miyabi-Chan, why have you come??

Rinko: I can’t believe it! You, too?

Kirino: Eh?

Rinko: Oh no! Miyabi must have tricked me!

Kirino: Seeing this turn I might have taken a wrong route point…

She reads notes again she’s written down the tips for this game.

Kirino: This route had led me to the bad ending directly so… hmm, I should have taken the opposite option. That was too mean, Miyabi-Chan…

Rinko: What the heck! I have to admit going out with you only today!

Kirino: She’s not charming at all…

Rinko: It… it’s never a kind of date! Don’t be closer to me, you’re so gross! You must appreciate I’m going with you!

Kirino: Bring it on. I’ll finish you first! You do appreciate me!


The scene has changed. There’s a very graceful woman having a tea in a big and beautiful house. We can even see a butler near her but can’t identify who she is. Suddenly a phone starts to ring.

Woman: Yes?

Caller: I’m coming here for handing you what you ordered us the other day.

Woman: I’ve been waiting for it.

After a moment, the caller appears in the front of the graceful woman and reveals a mannequin covered with a cloth. A nice maid clothes appears.

Woman: It’s a flawless one, very nice!

Caller: That’s my best pleasure.

We can’t still look at the graceful woman’s face.

Woman: Because of my height, I couldn’t enjoy cos-play without ordering a custom-made dress.

Caller: Here. These are another ones. We made them up at the size of you told us.

There’re another 2 maid clothes putting on the mannequins.

Woman: Thank you.

Caller: Are you going to an event with your friends?

Woman: Yes. I’m thinking of a party they’ll be able to enjoy, although I haven’t decided an excuse for holding the party yet. Well… how can I make them put these special dressed on…?

There’s a photo frame on the table and we can see Kirino, Kuroneko and Saori in the picture. Then, this graceful woman is…?


In Kuroneko’s house, she seems to be sewing a stuffed animal like a rabbit for her sister. It’s one of a character appears in MERURU, which her younger sister loves. Her sister is sleeping with her head on Kuroneko’s lap.

Kuronkeo: Kids are simple enough. She’ll be willing to have even such a thing.

Making a stuffed animal she speaks to herself. Then suddenly telephone starts to ring. She quietly takes her cellphone up so that she won’t make her sister woken up. She gets a little surprised at finding out the caller is Kyosuke.

Kuroneko: H… Hello?

Kyosuke: Hi.

Kuroneko: It’s a little out of the blue. What’s matter?

Kyosuke: Um… I don’t have any particular reason. What are you up to?

She gets a little upset how to answer.

Kuroneko: Ha! I’ve been making an evil stuff to curse the other one.

She tells him a lie because she doesn’t want him to know her usual life style. Maybe she want to keep her image from them.

Kyosuke: You sounds as usual. Then am I bothering you?

Kuroneko: N… Nope. I can manage it in my spare time with my great magic.

At the time her sister gives a small sneeze. So she put a blanket over her.

Kuroneko: Is it all right that you making a phone call to me in the winter toward to the end of your 11th grade? Aren’t you a little easy?

Kyosuke: I don’t have any excuse for that but I’m in a bit difficult time to encourage myself. Also I’m calling you since I wondered what you’ve been doing after that.

Kuroneko: Don’t make use of me for your excuse for you not studying…

Kyosuke: Oh, that’s sorry. By the way, I heard there’ll be an even of MASCHERA?

Kuroneko: Yes, of course I’m going to it.

Kyosuke: So why don’t we get again…

Suddenly a weird scream sounds from Kirino’s room.

Kirino: Yahoo! Finally I made it! You’re so cute, Rinko-Rin!

Kuroneko: I feel like I’ve heard a strange voice…

Kyosuke: Um… don’t pay attention to that. There might be a monkey in my neighborhood screaming loudly.

Kuroneko: Well, I’m really sorry for you…

( to be continued )


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