All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-9.4)

Kirino’s Ero-Game day is getting almost the evening. Seeing the screen, Rinko is speaking lying on the bed.

Rinko: Oh brother, come here please… Being much nicer for me, OK?

It seems they’re about to have a pleasure time in the end.

Kirino: W… Wait a moment! I’m also taking a shower for you…

Her cheek’s blushed.

She walks downstairs with a change of clothes. Then she bumps into Kyosuke at the corner.

Kyosuke: What’s the hurry?

Kirino: N… None of your business!

In fact, she dropped a pair of her panties when she bumped into him but she hasn’t noticed it. So Kyosuke tells her about it.

Kyosuke: Wait.

Kirino: What?! Don’t you have anything with me yet?!

Kyosuke: You dropped that.

He points at the underwear on the floor.

Kirino: Oh… no… !!!

She blushed at first but soon it changed into the anger toward him. She’s attacking him with tears in her eyes.

Kyosuke: Eh?! W… Wait, wait!

He gets a hard slap on his cheek from her.

Kirino: Kick the bucket, Hentai!

After going into the bathroom, she looks like a little depressed. She might have been hurt because Kyosuke saw her underwear or interrupted her pleasure time? I’m not sure anyway. But she remembers Rinko asked her for paying the best care for her. So she encourages herself again.

Kirino: Yes… Yes, I’ve got go!

After a shower she returns her room and smiles at Rinko in the monitor.

Kirino: I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting, Rinko-Rin!

By the way, adding “Rin” after one’s name is one of the technique for making a nickname.

Kirino: I’m very well prepared for you!

Kyosuke’s studying English in his room at the same time.

Kyosuke: What was making her so eager…?

He’s just reading this sentence ” I will feel serious uneasiness in the future.”

(to be continued)


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