All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-10.0)

One day Kyosuke comes to meet Ayase in a park. They’re talking about something.

Ayase: I apologize for asking you to come in no time.

Kyosuke: Um… it’s all right. Then what’s matter with me?

He looks a little nervous because he had a terrible experience with her in the past episode. She’s looking at his eyes straightly.

Ayase: In fact, I …

He’s getting nervous more and more.

Ayase: I’d like to take some advice from you, brother.

By the way he’s not her brother in terms of a blood relationship. But in Japan, people, not only women but also men, sometimes call the young men as a brother in a casual way.


Kyosuke: I think she’ll have to be pleased at any gifts from you.

Ayase: That’s true but…

It seems that they’re talking about Kirino.

Kyosuke: After all, it’s not so good idea to ask me what kind of presents would catch on with the young girls in middle school, isn’t it? I think you’d know much better than me.

Ayase: … But it won’t be … the best one for her.

Kyosuke: Eh? What did you say?

Ayase: I supposed she’d rather glad when she gets a present concerns with her own preference. So I’m asking you!

Kyosuke: Did you admit her having an Otaku hobby?

Ayase: Never! But… but it’s an celebration of her so I decided to make it an exception only this time. And I’ve been gradually getting to talk to her about the animations since then, only which aren’t not so dirty ones…

He smiles to himself because now he knows they’re getting along with each other very well.

Ayase: However I realize I’m not used to them yet… The other day there was a happening like this…

She’s beginning to remember the accident.


This is Kirino’s room where Kirino and Ayase are in. There’re a lot of MERURU’s small figurines on the table.

Kirino: Look! They’re so cute, aren’t they?!

Ayase: Why do you have the same things a lot?

She can’t tell one from the others.

Kirino: What?! They’re completely different from each other, especially in the colors! Besides it was so hard to collect them all.

She’s proud of her collections.

Ayase: Then, what’s the use of these collections?

She can’t understand Kirino’s idea so it causes Kirino a bit upset.


Ayase: I was almost crying since she didn’t talk to me for a while after that…

Kyosuke: That was one of the questions you shouldn’t have asked her, which is in the range of the worst 3.

Ayase: So I want to make up for my mistake this time! I decided to select the best gift for her by considering your opinions, even though it won’t be my favorite.

Kyosuke: ( She’s also much thinking about Kirino in her own way… ) Okay, I promise I’m going to look into the things she’ll be glad with.

Ayase: Thank you so much!

She seems very happy.

( to be continued )


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