All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-10.6)

Kurara: The first performer is Miss Bridget! She came from England again and, as you know, she’s the campion of the last contest!

After the introduction, a pretty cos-played girl runs on to the stage with cheerful voice.

Bridget: Look at my sword arts!

She shows a short action using a magical stick with her. As she finishes her play, a great cheer arises from the audience, of course including Kirino.

Kirino: Yeah! So cool and pretty you’re! Please be my sister!!

Kyosuke comes to the back of her yelling so loudly. He put the cap from Ayase on her head.

Kyosuke: Oh, fool. It’s time you stopped it!

But she assumes she’s being talked by a stranger because of his disguise, so she strongly steps on his foot with her high heel (of course it’s very painful).

Kyosuke: Ouch!! You’ve kept doing it again and again…

Kirino: What?! Why are you being here? And what’s the strange hair?

Kyosuke: There’re some reasons, I can’t tell you right now, though. Hide your face with this cap from your classmate. You don’t wanna be seen by her, do you?

Kirino: Has anyone been here?!

Kyosuke: There’s an acquaintance among that performers.

Kirino: You owe me the explanation after it finished…


Then Bridget’s grades for her performance is announced.

Kurara: The score is 99! It seems she’s almost won?!

After that, the other’s performance goes on and it reaches up to the 20th.

Kirino: Hey, who’s my acquaintance? Has she appeared yet?

Kyosuke: Not yet. You’ll see as soon as she’d come up.

Kurara: The next girl is… #21, Miss Kanakana! Here you go!

Kanako: Yes, I do!

She runs on to the stage with cheerful voice and that takes an everyone’s breath away.

Kanako: It’s a time for MERURU the Stardust Witch!

She begins singing and dancing the theme of MERURU with the music. Her all performances are perfect.

Kyosuke: (Her song is amazing! But I wonder why she can sing this song like that?!)

Kirino: Too pretty!! What’s that? Who’s that!! CG? Illusion? 3D? Oh, it must be 3D movie! Yeah!

Since cos-played Kanako’s performance is just look like MERURU in the animation, she can’t help jumping and shouting.

Kyosuke: Get calm a little…

Kirino: Oh, jeez. I’m having a bloody nose…

Kyosuke: Isn’t it a problem of you as a female…?

Kanako’s performance is going on without any flaw. All audience including the other performers are crazy for her. In the end she finishes and waves to the audience.

Kanako: Thank you all!

Then her score is announced.

Kurara: She made it! She’s won a 100 points!

Kyosuke: … Great…

Kirino: After all, when will my acquaintance’s turn come?

Kyosuke: …

She’ll never notice who she is.


In the end of the contest, Kanako became a champion and got the special MERURU figurine.

Kyosuke meets Ayase at other place from Kirino.

Ayase: See? She won as I exactly expected.

Kyosuke: You right. Now I know it wasn’t just she looks like MERURU the reason you recommended her to this contest.

Ayase: Yup. She has great talent!

Then he’s comig to the waiting room where Kanako and the other performers are. But where he sees…

(to be continued)


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