All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-10.7)

Kyosuke is visiting Kanako in the waiting room. There he sees her grumbling in very bad mood besides the special figurine she won has been thrown away miserably in a wastebasket.

Kanako: What those creepy Otaku guys were?! I’m really fed up with them!

There’s also Bridget coming to see her. She’s confused at her mood oppositely changed from the stage.

Bridget: I … think it’s not nice of you to be so mean to them, who all rooted for you, Kanakana-Chan?

But she gets a bit upset about her advice so she throws a magical stick to her.

Kanako: Huh! Take that!

Bridget slightly screams but fortunately, at least for her, the stick swerves and hit on poor Kyosuke standing next to her.

Kyosuke: Ouch!

Kanako clucks her tongue and it really scared Bridget.

Bridget: She… MERURU has become the dark witch!

Kanako: Brat! You’re so annoying!

Bridget begins to cry and runs away from the room…

Kyosuke: Hey! Don’t make such a little girl crying!

Kanako: Whatever. How did you think of me on the stage then?

Kyosuke: Well, why could you sing that song? Have you known that animation?

Kanako: Never. But I’m often taking some idol auditions and doing exercises to sing at the Karaoke so it wasn’t so difficult for me to remember such a easy song and dance as a whole. Don’t you think me great?

Kyosuke: Yeah, you’re great. But…

Kanako: What but?

Kyosuke: Were you just pretending to sing happily and looking down on the audience in your mind?

Kanako: Well… it was very fun. I love to hear “You’re so cute!”, even though they were so silly to yell like “Moe” at me. I could feel really admired by them when I saw they’d been enjoying my song and dance!

Kyosuke: So… you might have a good qualification for the idol.

Kanako: Oh… of course, yes!

She smiles and laughs in proud.


In the parking garage, Kyosuke hands the special MERURU figurine over Ayase. Of course he’s taken it from the waste basket.

Kyosuke: Here it is.

Ayase: Wow! Thank you very much!

She waves to him and leaves there but Kanako’s been upset in the waiting room because Ayase is forgetting to bring back her clothes to her.

Kanako: It’s getting too late! I’ve been waiting for my clothes back so long, Ayase!!


On that day(or the other day) night, there’s Kirino smiling at the special MERURU figurine on her desk in her room. It’s the gift from Ayase. She happens to find some photos on the news site of the cos-play contest. There she can see some pics of MERURU, cos-played Kanako, getting very wild at the front of the building after the contest since Ayase had never appeared again. She was even caught by the police in the end…

Kirino: …OH?

A bit poor Kanako in the last part :p


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