All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-11.0)

Kyosuke is in his room. He’s looking at something and himself looks much more serious than usual. Now he’s in two minds which ways to go : to take her glasses off or not in an Ero-Game. After serious consideration he finally choices “No”. Then she’s taking off her clothes but still keeping glasses on. At the moment his mother calls him and comes into his room. He freaks out at her sudden appearance because … you might know the reason.

Mom: Can you go shopping for me, Kyosuke?

He manages to push ESC-key just in time. And then, a beautiful grass scape appears on the monitor instead of a semi-nude girl.

Mom: Oh dear. Have you been looking at porn web sites with your sister’s laptop again?

Kyosuke: N.. No! Don’t be funny, mom! You can see it’s just a beautiful sky without any clouds like my mind! (… Phew! How great this emergence key was! ).

Mom: …Hmm

Kyosuke: After all, why have you known about the sites?!

Mom: I can’t believe he’s surfing the porn web sites using his sister’s laptop!

She tells him the reason why she’s known pretending just like the speaking way of her daughter.


As he was asked to go for shopping by his mom he’s coming to a grocery store.

Kyosuke: She uses me too much…

There he meets Manami by chance.

Manami: It’s very unusual to meet you here.

Kyosuke: Yup.

Manami: What dinner at your home today?

Kyosuke: As you can see in my basket it’ll be curry again. I’m not sure how many times we’ve had curry this month. At least I wish my mom had a half variety of your recipe and skills in cooking.

Manami: Oh.

Kyosuke: And you’re also pretty good at making sweets, aren’t you? I just remembered our parent’s going out next Sunday and I’m a bit worried about our meal s that day. So may I ask you for coming hour home to make something to eat for us?

Manami: Okay!


A few days later Kyosuke and Manami are coming back home together from a grocery store.

Kyosuke: Please come in.

Manami: Thanks.

At the same time Kirino is coming downstairs just after waking up. They happen to meet each other. As soon as she sees Manami, she gets upset and rushes back upstairs.

Manami: … It was Kirino-Chan, wasn’t it?

Kyosuke: Um… (Oops…)

(to be continued)


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