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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-11.1)


After a few minutes later Kirino gone back upstairs, she comes into the living room again when Kyosuke and Manami are having tea there. Kirino is glaring at Manami.

Manami: He… Hello Kirino-Chan. Do you remember me? We used to…

Kirino: I’m afraid I don’t remember you?

Kyosuke gets really surprised by her reply.

Manami: Oh… well, that’s all right. Then I’d like to introduce myself to you again. I’m Manami Tamura. Nice to meet you.

She bows to her very courtesy but…

Kirino: Why are you here after all?

Kyosuke: Hey! Stop it!

He walks up to her to complain against her attitude toward Manami.

Kirino: Come outside with me!

She pulls him out from the room leaving Manami alone.

Kirino: How do you think that you’re taking your girlfriend into our house on the day our parent out?! You’re so creepy!

Kyosuke: It’s not like that! She’s just coming to make lunch for us!

Kirino: Oh sure? I doubt it.

Kyosuke: If it was the case like you said, it wouldn’t be your business anyway! You’ve also invited some friends of yours into our house, haven’t you? I have nothing to be blamed!

Kirino: Are you seriously saying that you wouldn’t mind at all if I invited my boyfriend to our house and h.. h… hooked up with him in the living room?!!

Kyosuke: No kidding! We weren’t doing such a thing! Your story is completely different from ours!

Both of two are talking back each other with their faces blushed. There Manami is coming into timidly.

Manami: Well… please stop fuss…

As she asked them they stops their quarrel but still don’t seem to get over to each other.

Manami: I’m really sorry you for my sudden visit to your home, Kirino-Chan. I heard your mom is out today and I thought I could help some household tasks for you like making dishes and cleaning. I’ll leave as soon as I finish them.

But she’s still upset.

Manami: Oh, please…

Kirino: Hmm, I’m still in two minds. Then can you clean a living room before making lunch?

Kyosuke: Hey! Stop being on your high horse…

Manami: Sure! Count on me!

She looks very confident and it surprises them.

(to be continued)


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