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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-11.3)

After a while Kirino was gone, Manami finishes cooking and they’re ready for having lunch except Kirino so Kyosuke is coming to call her at her room’s door. He knocks the door.

Kyosuke: Hey. It’s lunch time. Manami is asking you coming and eating with us downstairs.

She opens the door.

Kirino: I’ll come when I finish the phone call.

Kyosuke: OK. (Hmm… she’s got her good mood back?)


They finish their lunch.

Kirino: Thank you for the lunch. It was very delicious.

She compliments her dishes but in very unimpressive way.

Manami: Y… You’re welcome.

And she’s carrying her empty dishes to the kitchen.

Manami: Oh, I’d do that for you.

Kirino: No, I can do it on my own at least.

Kyosuke: It’s nice that she enjoyed your lunch, isn’t it?

As she seems being worried, he speaks to her.

Manami: Yes, it really is!

They’re smiling at each other.


After the lunch, Kyosuke and Manami are going upstairs to his room.

Kyosuke: My room? I’m afraid there won’t be any interesting things. You can come in if you think it’s all right.

He opens his room’s door and right after then he finds her sister’s laptop being on his desk.

Kyosuke: Oh, what’s that??!!!

Manami: It’s been a long time since I came into your room last time.

She’s coming into his room. He freaks out and tries to hide the monitor behind his back from her, where, strangely, an Ero-Game is running in.

Kyosuke: (It’s too weird there’s an Ero-Game here now since I returned it back to Kirino yesterday! Who’s trying to cheat me?! …Wait, it must be Kirino! I can’t find anyone else who did it but her! Now I know why she got her mood better! Mean! It’s too mean!)

Manami: Are you OK?

Kyosuke: It’s nothing, nothing…

Manami: But your eyes are moving funny! Is there anything wrong with you?!

Kyosuke: Oh, no! Wait a moment! Stop!

While he’s asking her for not coming, she continues to walk up to him. At the moment, he remembers there’s an emergency key with this game.

Kyosuke: (The emergency key must help me now!) P… Please don’t come!

Manami: Kyo-Chan??

He manages to push the ESC-Key in time just before she comes to him.

Kyosuke: Phew. I’m sorry I’ve surprised you… eh?

But she’s not there where she’s just been. She’s reading some porn magazines opened on his bed.

Manami: It… is…

Kyosuke: (Nooo! I certainly put them into a carton box and hid it below my bed last night! …Wait! Isn’t it Kirino’s trap, too?! Damn it!)

He runs up to the bed and takes all porn magazines from her.

Kyosuke: Don’t look at them!

Manami: Only girls putting on the glasses…

Kyosuke: No! uh, Yes, you’re right that’s glasses! It was just because someone’s trying to cheat me! You know I’m usually a nice guy like the fine sky… Manami?

Then he finds she’s looking at the other direction from him. She’s staring at the monitor on his desk, where a semi-nude girl is in.

Kyosuke: !!!!

Manami: Well… “My brother’s a Hentai sexually aroused by only his own sister” …?

She reads the one line flowing in the monitor from side to side.

Kyosuke: D… Don’t read it! What’s going on in this screen! (…Now, I might know it’s a gimmick of the game the programmer had made. One in the several times, a porn picture appears instead of the emergency one… How sweet the programmers were…)

Manami: Well… now I know, Kyo-Chan.

Kyosuke: …What?

Manami: Um… well… should I call you “My brother” from now?

Kyosuke: Noooooo!!!

His cry sounds up to the sky…

(to be continued)


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