All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-11.7)

He’s becoming he can’t put up with her any more. He stands up and stares at her.

Kirino: W… What’s matter?

Kyosuke: It’s you who’s been making me unpleasant for these days. I haven’t been made fun of by Manami since then – I know she’d never do such a thing, after all. On the contrary, she’s been caring about me even more! But we’re feeling less cozy each other than we used to be. It’s just because of you, got it?

Kirino: …

Kyosuke: But I found I’d have to celebrate your party setting my grudge against you aside. Then, it ended up being seen curiously by the receptionist, you going ballistic and in addition hiding some secrets from me! How can I enjoy this party?!

Kuroneko: I didn’t mean that…

Kyosuke: I haven’t mentioned you but I want to say it’s time you told me all about.

But Kirino still doesn’t answer.

Saori: Kyosuke-Shi, please listen to me. To tell the truth…

Kirino: Wait, I’ll do it myself.

She takes a package from her bag and stands in front of him.

Kyosuke: What’s that?

She’s still thinking twice something.

Saori: Kiririn-Shi!

Kuroneko: You know what to do?

Kirino: Fine! I know!

She presses the package into his chest.

Kirino: H… Here!

Kyosuke: Uh??

Kirino: So, I’m giving it to you!

Kyosuke: I mean I can’t understand what it is!

Kirino: How clueless you are! It has to be a present for you!

Kyosuke: A… present?

Kirino: Yes. Um… I’m sorry what I did to you before.

She’s apologizing bowing deeply.

Kirino: And thank you for taking care of me all the time.

He’s stopped his motion.

Kirino: Well… did you hear me?

Kyosuke: Y… Yeah…

She smiles happily at him but getting embarrassed, she turns herself back in the next moment.

Kirino: Oh, that’s all right.

Saori: We planed this party to make your spirits up. And at the same time, it was a chance for her to make an apology for you. It was a shame if you got a bad feeling because of us.

Kuroneko: I’m really sorry.

They apologize for making him upset.

Kyosuke: That’s all about…

Kirino: Well… I wanna tell you something once and for all because you’d never know unless I do it now.

Kyosuke: What’s that?

Kirino: Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. If you hadn’t helped me, I’d never been able to persuade Dad, make up with Ayase and get known each other with them(Kuroneko and Saori). Also, I couldn’t see what would have happened to me if I had been frustrated since I didn’t have anyone I could talk to about the game and animation. So… um… that’s all!

Finally, Kirino becomes honest about her mind. Kuroneko and Saori clap their hands. And Kyosuke is…

(to be continued)


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