All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-12.1)

He looks around inside of her room and finds it’s a little different from the last time he came in. It’s less decorated than it used to be.

Kyosuke: You’ve tidied up your room, haven’t you?

Kirino: Yes, a little.

Kyosuke: Then, what’s the matter of you? Is it about the last life advice that you said before?

Kirino: It may be.

Kyosuke: Hmm…? Now well, give it away to me.

Kirino: Hey…!

She nearly gets upset at his words.

Kyosuke: Eh?

Kirino: Nothing. I want to ask you for getting an Ero-Game for me.

Kyosuke: What?!!

Then she shows the games to him in a website.

Kirino: See? “I’ve never stolen my brother’s underpants!!” and “The 3D Custom Sister” You can remember them as “Oni-pan” and “Kasu-imo”, right?

Kyosuke: (What abbreviation!)

Kirino: I’d like you to go shopping for them that will be on sale from midnight today.

Kyosuke: Is it a really last advice you want me?

Kirino: Yes!

Kyosuke: Why do you ask me that…?

Kirino: It’s just because I wanna begin it as soon as I can. I’m planing to take enough sleep until this evening and when you bring it to me I’m enjoying it all night and before the next morning I’ll have finished at least once.

Kyosuke: Oh, sister. Are you sure to do that?

Kirino: Of course I am! No surprising.

Kyosuke: But the store’s in Akihabara. I could go and get it there at midnight, it’d take an hour at least for me to get back home, though. I mean I’m worried if our Dad finds out.

Kirino: No worry. I believe I can manage it well, sending our parent’s condition to you by the cellphone.

Kyosuke: Hmm…

Kirino: I can’t help playing it as soon as possible! It’s my last wish. Please…

She begs unusually nicely in front of him.

Kyosuke: OK OK. I should go!

Kirino: Oh, sure?! Yeees!!

She’s so happy with a full of smile.

(to be continued)


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