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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-12.2)

He’s just been to Akihabara and there he’s making a phone call.

Kyosuke: I’d like you to make up that I’m staying in your home tonight, Akagi?

Akagi: No problem. Enjoy dating with Ms. Tamura! Then!

Kyosuke: I guess he’s got a wrong idea…

He had to make an evidence so that his parent shouldn’t find out and get mad at him for being to Akihabara too late. He looks at his cellphone and it indicates 11:25 p.m.

Kyosuke: It’s cold…

As he gets in front of the store, he finds many people are standing in the line.

Kyosuke: All of them are the same kind of Kirino?!

Shop Clerk: Please stand in a line here anyone who comes for buying!

He takes his place at the end of the line. There’s a man in the line who’s wearing a jacket printed a picture of this Ero-Game’s girl on its back. And Kyosuke finds a bicycle parked at the side of the road, which is also printed the same image of the jacket on the wheel cover.

Kyosuke: He must have come here by that…

Then someone comes up to him.

Man : Excuse me, are you standing at the end of the line?

Kyosuke: Yes, I am.

They look each other and get surprised at the same time.

Kyosuke: Akagi!

Akagi: You, Kosaka…? (Kosaka is Kyosuke’s last name)

Kyosuke: I asked you to make up that I’m being in your house! You aren’t supposed to be here now for getting Ero-Games, are you?!

Akagi: I… I have some serious reasons for it… Then, what are you doing here, too?! I thought you’d be with Ms. Tamura!

Kyosuke: Fo… For some serious reasons…

Akagi: Now, we suppose to have the same problem, didn’t you? So I’d like to suggest that we haven’t met here at this time, after all.

Kyosuke: You mean both of us have never been to Akihabara and stood in the line for the midnight sale.

Akagi: And, of course, neither of us has bought such Ero-Games!

They shake hands with each other – A strange bond tied them together.

Both of them: Friendship never require any reward!

Then a shop clerk begins to announce.

Shop Clerk: Please move to another line here, who has a reservation for “Homoge-Bu” ( means like “The Gay Club” )!

Some customers, most of them are women, follow his announcement.

Akagi: I will!

Kyosuke looks at the package of Homoge-Bu and knows what kind of the game like.

Kyosuke: Eek!

Suddenly he releases his hand from Akagi.

Kyosuke: Y… You like that kind of macho gay, don’t you?!

Akagi: Come on! You seem you’ve got all wrong! Listen and see my eyes straight!

But he’s still very scared.

Kyosuke: Oh, no! Stay away from me!

Akagi: I’m not gay, Actually, that’s a kind of “Macho Gay” game however I’m coming for my sister’s order!

Other customers begin to watch them.

Kyosuke: I know you’re sister’s in middle school! How can I get your story there’s a sister who makes her brother go and buy an Ero-Game for herself…

Suddenly he comes to himself.

Kyouske: … Um, yeah, there may be such ones.

He recognizes he was speaking about his own sister.

Akagi: Why you got suddenly?

Kyosuke: Now I know fact is much stranger than fiction at times. I’m really sorry I suspected you.

Akagi: Uh… that’s all right since you’ve understood me.

Kyosuke: Does your sister enjoy the Homo-Games (Gay Game)?

Akagi: My sister’s a “Fujoshi”, this first Kanji “Fu” refers to “rotten” – normally “Fujoshi” represents just “Woman”, though. They’re nuts who can’t help imagine and enjoy the romantic relationship between guys. In short, she likes, loves or better yet, she’s crazy for gays!

Maybe getting excited, he turns his voice up. Then there’s applause arisen from the women in the “Homoge-Bu” line, they might be impressed by his statement.

Akagi: Why are they clapping their hands to us?

Kyosuke: I have no idea. Now, I got your matters so leave me here and you move to your line.

Akagi: OK. See you!

After a while, it gets just midnight.

Shop Clerk: Sorry for you waiting so long but now, we’re beginning the sale. Please follow the direction by the staffs and get one you want!

People who has been waiting for congratulate it by clapping their hands.


To make sure your understanding this situation I’d like to explain a little. Each game has its own date of go-on-sale decided by the company that made it, so all retailers must follow the direction basically. These kind of stores usually opens at from 10 to 11:00 o’clock in the morning, therefore it should be the time for beginning sale. However some of the “Game Otaku” aren’t satisfied with this ordinary time – they wants to begin as soon as possible they can. So there’re some stores begin to sell this kind of softwares at just midnight of the go-on-sale date for their customers. But this happens not every games, only when they think they’re promising ones.


Shop Clerk: Please get to the counter each 10 customers out of the head of the line!

People begin to name the title to the clerk what they want to buy – “My brother’s undershorts”, etc.

Shop Clerk: Here’s the checkstand!

Kyosuke: Will I be able to get the last train when I finished?

He signs at the clock.

(to be continued)


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