All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-12.3)

At that time, Kirino is waiting for the phone call from Kyosuke in her room. Then her cellphone suddenly rings.

Kirino: Have you got that?

Kuroneko: Let me know the size of your head.

Kirino: Eh?

Kuroneko: As I said to you before, I’ll make a “Cat’s Ears” for you so tell me the size of your large round head, right?

Kirino: Oh, it’s you… You’d just send an email to me for that question, wouldn’t you?

Kuroneko: They’re maintaining their servers tonight that I’m usually using so I thought I’d leave a voice message in your cellphone. Although it’d be all right tomorrow, I had a feeling it’d be better to ask you during today. It was good you still up. Then, who did you mistake me for?

Kirino: Um…

She tells her he’s going to buy Ero-Games for her.

Kuroneko: It’s a bummer! How can your brother ( She’s calling him as “Ni-San” in Japanese here) go with you arrogant wish!

Kirino: None of your business! Then, stop calling him that way, please?!

Kuroneko: You mean “Ni-San”?

Kirino: To be honest I hate you say that! He looked like having a slack-jawed smile on his face when you called him like that. I also hate looking that!

Kuroneko: I don’t think he did. Anyway, it’ll be changed sooner or later.

Kirino: ?


She’s getting impatient of not having a call from Kyosuke yet. Just then she gets it.

Kirino: Where are you now?

Kyosuke: Open the window.

She open the curtain and look outside. There he’s waving to her in front of their house. She opens the front door for him and both of them sneakily move into her room so that their parent won’t wake up. She looks at him with lots of expectation.

Kyosuke: Here.

He gets her the games in a bag.

Kirino: Th… Thank you.

Kyosuke: Uh, welcome. Then, I’ll go to bed since I’ll have to leave and get back home once in the early next morning. You won’t be late for your school, right?

Kirino: Ho… Hold on!

Kyosuke: What?

Kirino: I’d like you to play it with me since it’s been a long time since we enjoyed games together last time…

(to be continued)


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