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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-12.4)

They’re sitting on the floor side by side in front of the laptop.

Kyosuke: You’re sitting too close next to me.

Kirino: Yeah, but I have to do so that I can watch this monitor. See, it’s finished!

It seems that they’ve been waiting for the game installation done.

Kirino: This one has only one heroine, however there’re many routes of story instead. And you’ll have more routes and stories added after each ending – it’s not so special feature, though. In addition, there’s a secondary part like an espionage game included in this game where you can get certain items and they’ll also have some influences on the main story!

Although he’s not look like being interested in the explanation of the game from her, he’s just looking at her speaking very happily.


After a couple of hours later maybe, they’ve reached to the first ending of the game. We can see the scene where a man (maybe her brother) is leaving after a girl (also maybe his sister) on the road lined with trees in winter.

Kirino: It’s too sad ending!

She nearly has tears on her eyes.

Kyosuke: Are you sure? They were not separated because of the death so they can keep in touch with each other even by phone calls.

Kirino: What a bummer! You never know how lonely you’d feel whenever you can’t see who you want to! You should think of it as if you were in that position!

Kyosuke: Uh, right. Now I understood it should be a kind of sad end.

Kirino: OK. You got it. Oh, I have to collect the rest of scenes.

She begins doing something with the game, then he stands up for leaving her room.

Kyosuke: You’ve broken the back of the game so I’d like to be finished.

Kirino: Wa… Wait a moment!

Kyosuke: What?

Kirino: Well… I want you to give me the life advice.

Kyosuke: You did ask me to get this Ero-Game as your last life advice, didn’t you?!

Kirino: Yes, but it also hasn’t finished yet…

Kyosuke: Oh, jeez! Tell me!

She walks up to the closet and opens it. There’s a full of her collections.

Kyosuke: It’s been much increased, hasn’t it?

Kirino: Yes, it’s passed 9 months since then. Do you remember that?

Kyosuke: Um, yes.

Kirino: To be honest, I had a thing I couldn’t show to you because I was embarrassed at that time.

Kyosuke: Eh?!

Kirino: But you’ve kept my secret from the others, you haven’t look down on me because of them and you’ve helped me so much, so…

Kyosuke: (Wait! She means she owns something more criminal than Animation or Ero-Games?!)

Kirino: I can show it to you, I feel very embarrassed at doing it, though.

She looks into the inner part of the closet.

Kyosuke: (I’d much rather not see anything more!)

He’s getting sure some trouble might happen from his experience.

(to be continued)


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