All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-13.1)

Saori finds a game package Kirino sent to Kyosuke as a gift in the bookcase.

Saori: It should be the gift at that time, which reminds me of sweet memories.

Kyosuke: Even both of you haven’t heard anything from Kirino, have you?

Saori: Actually, I saw some brief reasons in her SNS diary but that was all.

Kuroneko: Huh! I’m getting bored with her recently so it feels much comfortable to me.

Saori: Frankly speaking, I’m upset with her. I’ve thought she’s a friend and believed so she does, therefore it makes me more sad that she was gone not telling us anything.

She usually speaks in a bit old fashioned way intentionally but maybe getting excited, she’s about to speak in a normal way against to herself.

Saori: Although I completely admire her ambition, it’s hard for me to be willing to accept it all.

Kuroneko: …

Saori: Neither e-mails nor phone calls I haven’t had from her besides she hasn’t turned up on the SNS ever since then. Eventually I’m getting upset with her. Don’t you think I shouldn’t be blamed for it, do you?

She asks him with tears in her eyes.

Kyosuke: No, you shouldn’t. OK, today let get ourselves enjoyed a lot and you’ll write on your SNS diary about it. She should be envious of us reading that!

Kuroenko: It sounds great!

They smiles at each other.

( to be continued )


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