All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-13.2)

One afternoon Kuroneko gets an e-mail to her cellphone from Kyosuke when she’s about to leave her class. She’s not so happy to take a glance at his message then she comes up to the entrance of the school in order to get home.

Kyosuke: Why are you trying to leave?

She turns around and sees him waiting for her.

Kyosuke: I’ve sent an e-mail to you that I’d go and see you in your classroom when I finished, haven’t you?

Kuroneko: I have no idea. Anyway, who’s she?

Manami’s standing next to him.

Kyosuke: Uh, I’ve thought of introducing her to you.

Manami: Nice to meet you. I’m Manami Tamura.

Kuroneko: Oh! You’re Belphegor?!

It’s a name of woman who she made up in her original novel.

Manami: Huh? Belphe…??

Kuroneko: Um, never mind. I’m Goko. Nice to meet you.

Manami: I know he’s calling you as Kuroneko so should I call you like that?

Kuroneko: Either OK.

There’s a silence for a moment.

Kuroneko: I’ll leave. See you then.

Kyosuke: Wa… Wait!

He grabs her shoulder to stop leaving away.

Kuroneko: It’s the day of MASCHERA on TV so I’ve got to go.

Kyosuke: I know MASCHERA was concluded by episode 12th in it’s 2nd season and it won’t be sequenced, will it?

Kuroneko: Don’t say as if it got a sudden close!

Poor Kyosuke seems to have enraged her.

Kyosuke: So… Sorry! They just haven’t started making it’s sequence yet, right?

Kuroneko: No fan gives up the hope…

There three classmates of Kuroneko come by waving their hand.

Mates: Hi, Goko-San. Do you have a time? We’re thinking of going to Karaoke afterward so why don’t you come with…

Kuroneko: I have no time!

She turns down their invitation very roughly and it shocks them.

Manami: I’m sorry we’ve already have an appointment with her so would you please take a rain check?

Getting worried about the relationship between Kuroneko and them getting worse, she talks to these mates nicely.

Mates: A… All right. See you then, Goko-San.

They walk away.

Manami: Do you mind what I did?

She answers just shaking her head.

(to be continued)


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