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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-13.3)

There’re many students in the front yard of the school, who’re inviting fresh students to join their own clubs at each club’s booth. These three, Kyosuke, Manami and Kuroneko, are walking down to the gate looking at these booths.

Kyosuke: Speaking of clubs, aren’t you joining to any of them?

Kuroneko: No, I’m not. I’ve got to do lots of things else.

She stops at one club’s booth named “Study of Computer Games”. A kind of shooter video game is demonstrated on a computer’s monitor.

Kyosuke: I’ve never seen this club in our school.

A student boy comes up and talks to them.

Student Boy: Feel free to play it if you’d like to.

Kuroneko: It looks like a “Bullet hell”, a little too tough one, though.

Student Boy: In fact, our head made this game and he wouldn’t listen to us so that he could examine all applicants for our club by this game. But you can also choice “Easy mode” to play. Try it?

Kuroneko: No, I don’t…

But she’s watching the monitor for a while so Kyosuke thinks she’s interested in it.

Kyosuke: Why don’t you finish it soon? You can do it so easily, can’t you?

Kuroneko: Now I’m supposed to do.

She takes a game’s control and starts to play it selecting “Hard”.

Student Boy: Are you sure? It must be very difficult!

Leaving behind his worries, she goes on playing the game excellently and in the end she finishes with highest score.

Student Boy: Awesome! You’ve gotten the highest score, too!

Kuroneko: Please convey my message to your head “It’s nothing but a junk game from beginning to end and you should die”. Let’s come home then.

Student Boy: Wa… Wait! Will you join to our club, won’t you?!

Kuroneko: No, I’m not interested.

She walks away alone and her rude behavior to the student worries Kyosuke about her again.

Kyosuke: Please don’t get your feeling bad.

He says to the student and they run after her.

(to be continued)


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