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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-13.5)

Makabe: Welcome to our club “Study of Computer Games” and nice to meet you, again. I’m Makabe in 11th grade.

Kyosuke and Kuroneko are coming to a clubroom to see what the club’s like. The man is a student they met at the demonstration before.

Kyosuke: I’m Kosaka in 12th grade and she’s Goko in 10th grade.

Makabe: Then, I’ll introduce our head to you. Please right this way.

Kyosuke looks around the room where many computer games, books and figures(including MERURU and Siscalypse‘s ones) are stocked in the shelves. Then he finds one game there.

Kyosuke: (As I expected, there’re only men in this club. Jeez! That’s an “Oni-Pan!”)

Makabe: Here’re Kosaka and Goko coming, Miura?(Their head’s name)

He’s busy to program computer and doesn’t see them yet.

Miura: All right. Welcome to… Ahh! Hey! Give me back my bicycle!

As soon as he sees Kyosuke’s face, he suddenly starts to shout at him. Kyosuke also remembers something and starts to apologize to him.

Kyosuke: Oh, I’m really sorry!

Kuroneko doesn’t know what’s happening to them. (And neither do I.)


Miura: My bike “Fana-Tan” that lent to you seemed helpful to you. I’m glad it was worth lending to you.

Kyosuke: I’ve surely kept it in my garage.

Miura: Okay. I’ll take it back with me afterward.

Kyosuke: I didn’t even know your name nor home address. I actually went to Akihabara and tried to search you several times but…

Miura: That was OK. I know we both shared such a passion night on that day that we forgot to identify each other.

He’s happy to laugh. But Kuroneko is still unknown to what happened to them. In fact, there’s an another story about their encounter in episode 12th so I’ll talk about it on the other chance. He continues his story.

Miura: Anyway, we, I mean me and him, are quite close to each other, you know?

Makabe: KosakaSenpai, I’d like to tell you something in advance since I guess you’ve been wondered something about him. He keeps repeating a couple of years in this school therefore he looks older than his grade.

Kyosuke: I… see.

Miura: Oh, don’t expose it to them! I’m flattered!

He’d rather seem to be happy than get upset with him for telling Kyosuke about his secret.

Makabe: You don’t have to be flattered but have to graduate from school soon!

Miura starts to talk about their club’s activities.

Miura: Even though we’re making games, in fact, only a few members work on the process. Only both of us and those 2 guys over there are working here every day but the many others are paper members.

Two Guys: Hellooo!

By the way, these guys look like a twins sitting next to each other and maybe they’re testing (or just playing)the game all the time in silence in this room.

Miura: I’ll introduce them to you again when we hold a welcome party days later.

Kuroneko: What’s the main genre of games you work on? It would be “Shooter video game“?

Miura: No. Anything OK.

Kuroneko: Then, how about the production equipment?

Miura: I think we have almost of all you need, computers, softwares, technical books, etc. You can even check out those books in the shelves for free.

Knowing she can borrow these books for free, she get a bit surprised.

Miura: Are you interested in a game production? What can you do? How about like a computer script, an illustration, music and a script for the game!?

He asks her desperately.

Kuroneko: Well, I think I have a general skill set for all of them you just said, don’t need to be taught each of them from scratch at least.

All of them are impressed by her.

Kuroneko: Can I have a look into the shelves?

Makabe: Of course yes. Well, like “Miss Akagi“, we could have quite skilled freshmen in our club this year.

Kyosuke: Akagi…?

Makebe: Yes, she’s “Sena Akagi“, a freshman same as Goko. She’d kept the highest score until Goko won the game that day. What’s matter?

Kyosuke: Akagi… Well, is she coming today?

Makabe: No, she’s not. Even if she was here, she’d just look into the technical books or computers and would have no conversation with us. We have few female members and it might makes her difficult to talk. In terms of this problem, I’d like her, Miss Goko, to join to our club.

Kyosuke: I think it’s also better for her to join to where has some other women. What do you think of it? Are you going to try?

He asks her.

Kuroneko: Since they have some equipment I don’t have with my home and it seems that I could be free to work so it might be a bit better for me to work here than I do alone at my home.

It’s a little hard to understand but she’s saying “yes”. Makabe and Miura are very glad to hear that.

(to be continued)


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