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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-13.6)

Kyosuke and Manami are walking down on the hallway in school together.

Manami: Is Kuroneko-San fitting in the club?

Kyosuke: Yes, she was pretty peaceful as long as she showed up there at least.

Then they see Kuroneko having a mop in the middle of stairs.

Kyosuke: Hi, is it your turn to clean today?

Kuroneko: …Yes.

Manami: Any other students?

She’s worried about that she’s on clean-up duty alone. But Kuroneko turns herself back and won’t reply.

Kyosuke: All right. Bye.

Manami: Kyo… Kyo-Chan?!

He’s leaving downstairs and she also follows him with worries. Kuroneko looks a bit sad. Then he comes at a locker and get a mop out of it.

Manami: You’re so nice, Kyo-Chan!

They start to mop the lower floor than her. As Kuroneko mops the floor, she comes downstairs and finds them.

Kuroneko: What are you doing?

Kyosuke: Clean-up duty.

Kuroneko: I don’t like it. Are you tying to sympathize me?

Kyosuke: What do you mean?

Kuroneko: You did say “It’s true I’m worried about you”, didn’t you?

Kyosuke: Yes, I did.

Kuroneko: I know you said the truth but… have you ever thought where your worries came from? I’ve never wanted to say it but now I tell you it’s just because your sister was gone away you’d much taken care of that you’re trying to care for me! I’m a woman younger than you, seems like having a problem, seems likely to rely on you so you’re interested in me, that’s all. I won’t be an alternative of your sister! Don’t make a fool of me!

Kyosuke can say nothing. At this night, he talks to Saori about it on the phone.

Saori: I guess it was the same reason that she’d declined some invitation from clubs and classmates. In other words, she didn’t wanted to decrease the time being with us. She also seems to have a lot to do after school. She’s tried to treasure our relationship which might have resulted in her isolation in class. Standing on her point of view, it was no wonder she felt like to make a small criticism of you. But don’t worry, I’m sure she should forgive you if you apologizes her in a right way.

Kyosuke: Thanks…

Saori: You’re welcome. Then, what are you going to do? Will you stop being nosy about her?

After a few moments thinking he answers with confidence.

Kyosuke: No, I won’t.

(to be continued)


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