All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-14.4)

Sena objects to Kuroneko’s plan and it sets fire to her.

Kuroneko: Huh, you right.

She grins at herself.

Sena: Then you should…

Kuroneko: But… this is what I want to do! Once I was told that my novel was completely self-satisfied- like masturbation- by one of my friend.

Including Sena, all members get embarrassed to hear her words but she goes on.

Kuroneko: And she also told me that the most important thing for the creator was to stick to your own preference and enjoy yourself, otherwise you’d never make anything fun. She ended up it was the way the creators had to go.

Sena: Sh… She gave you correct advice, didn’t she? I can pretty agree with her opinion.

Kuroneko: True enough. It was too correct to get to me! Only people who can bring out a hit by making anything you like are allowed to say such a thing. How’s the rest of those people, like me, supposed to do?

Sena: Do… Don’t ask me that question…

She’s at a loss for the answer.

Kuroneko: I really hate looking at such a happy camper who’s enjoying their own creation. I’m too jealous, envious of them to feel I wanna crush them to die!

Sena: They aren’t to blame for your reasons…

Kuroneko: What the heck? Why don’t you want to show them what you can do? I came up the way how I can give them a scare.

Kyosuke: Then, your answer is?

Kuroneko: Turn down the way you have to go and be honest yourself. I won’t mind my work being regarded as a self-satisfied, masturbatory one, huh! I’ll make what I want to do for myself on my way! The field of creation “Dojin” is a challenge for my complete preference to slam down! If you don’t like my masturbation, then I’ll just show you greater one!

To the moment, she realizes she’s been too excited to go far and gets embarrassed.

Kuroneko: That’s… my notion of my game plan. You could turn down it if you don’t like.

She ends up her presentation.

( to be continued )


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