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Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-14.8)

Sena takes Kuroneko out of class room to the courtyard.

Sena: I can’t believe that you did such a thing in public! Would you die if you didn’t finish your game up?

Kuroneko: Yes, I’d be close. Once I’ve decided to do, I have to finish it up. I’ve made up my mind following a person, otherwise I’d keep on being loser and never be able to catch up with her forever – being caught by deep envy.

Sena: What are you talking about…?

Kuroneko: About one of the “worst” friend of mine who was gone far away.

Sena: She should be that you talked about at your presentation?

Kuroneko: Yes, she is. How bother she is making me feel like this! Anyway, please lend me your hand! I’ll do anything for you like kneeling down on the ground if you want me more.

Kyosuke finds them in the end and keeps eyes on them from a distance.

Sena: So… why you don’t try to blame me at all? I know I was such a bull deserved to that.

Kuroneko: It’s not important to decide which one to blame. It’s the thought I want to make the game with “you” counts the most. Now I know I can’t make light of friends. Even if I were scared alone, two should make me get up the nerve to move on. When I’m down and almost crying because of my failure in spite of my hard work, I should be able to get back on the track if I have someone backs me up – like a casual remark could save me at times. Then, with my friends, you know, I can keep on trying, I’ve just learned it these days, though.

She’s proud to tell Sena her story.

Sena: Well, I see you. Do you have your game’s data in the clubroom?

Kuroneko: So you’d help me!?

Sena: No, I won’t help you but will pull together, right?!

Kuroneko smiles back her brilliantly.

Kyosuke: ( Just like me. I took all wrong about them. )

Figuring out they managed to make up with each other on their own, he knows he’s been worried about them unnecessary.


As soon as they get back to the clubroom, Kuroneko, Sena and Kyosuke begin to work their game out. The two girls’ typing is pretty fast.

Sena: You can really type 6KB text per hour, can’t you? I didn’t believe you could make it.

Kuroneko: You’ve fixed such many bugs up in a few hours. It’s amazing, too.

Sena: I can find out something not in order with any game whenever I’m playing, so I’m proud of being pretty good at debugging and adjusting the game balance!

Makabe: That’s why you were so excellent at our game even for the first time?

Sena: Yeah. I guess I can hack into almost every program as long as they’re digital data.

Kuroneko: Wait! You might have your that ability enhanced without your glasses?!

Sena: Oh? Why do you know that??

Kuroneko: You don’t have to thank me for giving you a nickname “The Evil Eyes“!

Sena: You’re too fantastic to bring out such a name!

She’s surprised by Kuroneko’s weird nature again but smiles at her, and so Kyosuke does.

Days after, they know the results of the contest “Chaos Create” that their game got the worst game award. 😉


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