All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-12.1 Alt)

While Kyosuke is riding back home by bicycle, Kirino is waiting for him in her bedroom. Then, she gets a phone call from Kuroneko. She talks to her for a while. Kuroneko complains to her about being cruel to let him go and get Ero-Games for her even at midnight.

By the way, the distance between Akihabara and Chiba, maybe their home is in, is about 32 kilometers straight, 20 miles roughly, so Kyosuke has to work very hard.

Even after their talking being finished, he keeps on pedaling the bicycle and when it’s getting over 3:00, she gets a phone call from Kyosuke in the end.

Kirino: Where’re you now?!

Kyosuke: Look outside the window.

She’s relieved to find him there.

He gives her the games and leaves her bedroom for taking a shower. When he’s back in front of his bedroom, she stops and asks him for joining in playing the game through the door. They, at least Kirino, enjoy playing the new game and finish the first round. He tries to leave because it’s a good time he went to bed but she holds him on. She tells him she still needs more advice and she wants to show something to him.

Kirino: I’m very embarrassed but I’ll show it to you…

She opens the secret closet and tries to find something in deep. Then he sees a package dropped out of the cabinet by happen.

Kirino: Oops!

The title is ” Scatolo-Sisters” appears to be an Ero-Game concerned with scatology.

Kyosuke: You… like poop?

Kirino: Never!

She gives a hard slap on his cheek.

Kirino: Bullshit! What a idiot to ask me such a question!

Kyosuke: But it means!

Kirino: I… I didn’t know what meant it! I got it just because my favorite illustrator worked on this game!

Kyosuke: Enough! Don’t speak any more…

Kirino: Then, can I get back on my story? The following thing is what I want to show to you.

Kyosuke: Well, all right…

She starts looking for something in the deep closet again.

( to be continued )


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