All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-15.0)

One day Sena is yelling in the clubroom.

Sena: It’s too bad! I’ve just found a thread in this forum where our game is being exposed to public scorn!

Kuroneko: Stop gushing and getting crazy to see the website.

Sena: But do you know the game we made has been criticizing here?

Kuroneko: The most target of them is the plots I wrote, so you don’t need to mind.  I’m to blame for the result that our game wasn’t accepted, which caused of the way I’d like to do.

Sena: I don’t think it’s good idea of you to take on all the responsibilities for our result! Don’t you think everyone who took part in our work should be able to share both joy and sorrow ourselves?

Kyosuke is impressed by the fact that their relationship has been getting better.

Kuroneko: Fair enough. Now you can cry as much as you want to.

Sena: If you insist I’ll do it…

She’s yelling again more hard.

Sena: Listen to me, Kosaka-Senpai! I’m used to think you should be more thankful, not getting mad at them for criticizing your work and spare your time to make your work better in the meantime! However, I’ve changed my thought right now. An internet literacy? Huh! I can’t put up with what gets on my nerve!

Miura: It’s the way everyone once has to go through.

Makabe: In my opinion, your game was very good.

Sena: How can I put my helpless anger down?

Kuroneko: Let’s move on the next one so that everyone would be blown away by our interesting game. On this way we could feel good more easily than killing all of them who has criticized our work despite the human being!

Note she always regards herself as some supernatural exists, not human.

Sena: You have a very positive attitude, Goko.

Kuroneko: I’m planning a new one that we’ll be able to show them who has made a fool of us what we can do. Do you wanna get in on it?

Sena: Of course yes. At first, I’d like to have a cool macho as the hero, yeah?

Kuroneko: …Nix.

(to be continued)


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