All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-15.2)

Kyosuke gets an email to his cellphone on his way home. It’s from Kuroneko that saying she’ll be waiting him in school back yard at 3:30.

Kyosuke: Hmm…? What’s matter with me?

Manami: What’s wrong, Kyo-Chan?

Kyosuke: I’ve got something to do here so you can go ahead home, sorry.

Then he finds he’s had another email a few hours ago, which came from Kirino.

Kyosuke: It’s Kirino?!

Manami: Really?!

Both of them are really surprised because they’ve never heard from her since she was left for the US. He reads her message saying that she’s asking him for throwing away all of her collection that she asked him for keeping them in safe. He gets a hunch something bad happened to her, so he immediately makes a phone call to her but in vain.

Kyosuke: She’s away at the moment. Well, Ayase might know something about her.

Then he tries to call her on the phone but the answering machine replies to him.

Voice: We’re sorry you have reached a number that has been disconnected for some reason of the customer.

Kyosuke: It is a blocking communications, isn’t it?!

Poor Kyosuke seems to have been hated by her ;p

Manami: Do you want to give a call Ayase-Chan? Can I do it for you?

Kyosuke: What? How come you know her number?

Manami: Because I’ve met her on my way home several times. Hi, is it you, Ayase-Chan?

( to be continued )


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