All different kinds of OTAKU

Ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai (Part-15.7)

Kyosuke: It’s no laughing matter!

While Kirino tries to be joking, he’s serious.

Kirinno: Hey, how about you?

Kyosuke: About what?

Kirino: Well, you told me they all were worried about me, and you?

Kyosuke: Of course, yes.

Kirino: Okay.

She looks a bit happy.

Kyosuke: Did you miss me then?

Kirino: N… No kidding! Of course, not!

Kyosuke: Oh, I did miss you.

Kirino: Ah…

She’s a bit surprised at his reply she didn’t expect.

Kyosuke: I felt so lonely Kuroneko told me off that she wasn’t any substitute for you.

Kirino: You’re Sis-Con! ( meaning Sister Complex )

Kyosuke: Knock it off!

They go on talking.

Kirino: I heard that black-dress entered the same school as you?

Kyosuke: Yeah, although she had such a nature so there were some problems with her school life at first, she’s fitted in pretty well now even joining the club “Study of Computer Game” and succeeded in making a new friend there.

Kirino: That’s fine.

Kyosuke: You might be jealous someone took her off you?

Kirino: Never! I was getting bored with her so I’m glad to pawn her off!

Interestingly she and Kuroneko are saying the same thing to each other.

Kirino: Actually, I’ve been a bit depressed today since I wasn’t allowed to run by my coach even though I insisted on I could. Now playing Ero-Games, I feel I’m getting happier.

Kyosuke: That’s good. ( It’s pretty weird what you’re saying though… )

Kirino: It’s been a long time that I can do what I want. It’s very fun!

He gazes at her and throws a question to her.

Kyosuke: Then what do you mean – that email you’ve sent to me?

( to be continued )


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