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Ano Hana – Episode 1 “The Super Peace Busters”

#1 Cho Heiwa Busters (in Japanese)

It’s a very warm summer day. A boy is playing a computer game alone inside the door, who never seems to have his hair done for a long time. His name is Jinta Yadomi, called “Jintan” by the nickname.

He hears a teen couple enjoying their sweet conversation outside on the street and it gets on his nerve.

Jintan: Die die die…! That twerp in heat…! Don’t leave behind your wild spirit anywhere!

He’s just shooting at the enemies in the game with grumbling.

???: Hey, is it Bill Builder?

Suddenly a girl shows up and asks him pointing at the monitor.

Jintan: No, huh? Idiot all women are…

???: Really? But it really seems like him? Especially this thick lip!

Jintan: If so, the old teacher of that abacus school should be Bill Builder, too…

At this moment, he realizes he’s talking to someone who he really knew but should never be here now.

???: But, Jintan…

He just walks out of the room leaving behind her.

???: Where to go?

Jintan: I might have an overwhelming desire for the summer affair in my mind…

He comes to the kitchen and beings to cook an instant noodle.

???: You mean! I want to eat Sio Ramen ( meaning a Chinese noodle in salty soup ), too!

She runs up to him again and jumps on his back. Her name is Meiko Honma. She called herself “Menma” by the nickname.

But he keeps on ignoring her and takes up an egg from the bowl to break into the pot.

Menma: Oh, I love the egg stirred in the soup! Please?

She asks him but he doesn’t listen.

Menma: Hey, it’s getting hard boiled?

He never listens, so she pouts and shakes his shoulders hard.


Then his father is coming in.

Dad: Hey, are you cooking a ramen? It smells good. Do you mind cooking another one for me?

Menma: Hello, Mr. Yadomi!

But he doesn’t react to Menma.

Jintan: No, I don’t mind.

Dad: Thanks, you lovely!

She complaints to Jintan.

Menma: What?! You didn’t cook for me but do for him?

Jintan: I don’t like you use “lovely” for everything, Dad.

Dad: Why not? It’s really nice word and useful for everything in addition.

Menma: I remember he said my pochette was lovely before!

Jintan: People don’t usually use so. How many eggs then?

Dad: Just one and I like my egg poached, please.

Jintan: OK.

Menma: You’re too favorable to him, not to me! Mean!

While Jintan can see himself in the glass of the cupboard, he can’t see any shape of Menma hitting on his back hard in the meantime. He’s tried to find out whether she is really exist or not.

Jintan: ( I thought that… )

Dad: What’s on TV? Oh, really lovely cats those are! Their pads are lovely, too!

Jintan: ( Dad is quite usual, so it means… )

She keeps on hitting his back in the meantime.

Menma: Hey, listen to me, Jintan!

Eventually two ramen with a poached egg are served on the table.

Jintan: Here it is.

Dad: Thanks!

Menma: On, Jeez!

She’s too disappointed to lean against the furniture and it makes a small noise. Dad can hear something strange sound from the place where she is but doesn’t pay much attention to it. As Jintan is about to eat, she suddenly drops herself on his lap.

Jintan: Oh?!

Menma: I want to eat, too!

Dad: What’s wrong, Jinta?

Jintan: Nothing…

Menma: Where are my chopsticks?!

She moves and presses her hip onto his crotch, that makes him pretty embarrassed. He loses his consciousness and falls on to the floor in the end.

Dad: Hey, are you all right? Aren’t you overheated, are you? Lovely but… it’s awful!

Menma: Hey, Jintan…?

He remembers the summer in the past in his dream.

( to be continued )

Jintan(Yadomi Jinta)

Menma(Meiko Honma)


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