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Ano Hana – Episode 1-2

Suddenly the doorbell rings.

Menma: I’m coming!

She runs to see who’s there.

Jintan: Hey, wait!

They go against each other which to see the guest at inside the front door.

Menma: But someone’s there…

Jintan: You shouldn’t do it! Just keep quiet…!

Then the door opens while they’re arguing. A girl is standing there.

Anaru: What are you doing?

She is Naruko Anjo, called “Anaru” by her nickname.

Jintan: Ah, well…

Menma: It’s Anaru!

She’s so happy at this reunion that she jumps at and hugs her tight.

Jintan: Hey, slow down!

Anaru: Why slow down? I’m not in haste.

Of course he said to Menma however she thought he said to her since she can’t see the exist of Menma.

Jintan: Um…

Anaru: Hmm…? I feel I’ve got some weights on my shoulders…?

Menma: You can’t see me, Anaru?

As Menma stays away from her, she feels the weights on her shoulders removed off.

Jintan: What are you here for then?

Anaru: Here you go. It’s your assignment for the summer that I was asked by the teacher to hand it over you.

Jintan: My assignment? But there’re just 2 days left until the summer vacation end?

Anaru: I don’t know. I’ve been all busy, not like you.

Jintan: If so, you should have thrown it away. I’ll never go to such an inferior school again.

They’re in the same high school.

Anaru: It’s none of my business whether you come or not, but you should look back at yourself!

Menma: Oh, dears…

She doesn’t know what to do about them.

Anaru: Bye.

She leaves his house.

Menma: Oh, no…

On her way home, Anaru thinks of herself looking at her nails of fingers manicured vividly.

In Jintan’s house, Menma is complaining to him.

Menma: Why didn’t you ask her to help you to make my wish come true together, silly Jintan!

Jintan: I have something to tell you first. You shouldn’t call her “Anaru” any more. Call her “Anjo” or “Naruko”.

He’s matured enough to know the meaning of the word “Anaru” in general.

Menma: Why not? She IS Anaru, who is very kind to everyone and also has games and comics a lot!

Jintan: I mean…! She’s no longer she used to be.

Menma: What…?

Jintan: It’s sure no use asking her, that bitch, for help!

Menma: What’s bitch?

Jintan: That airhead, I meant! Anyway, we aren’t friends anymore…

Menma: No!

She begins to cry.

Menma: Stop talking wrong about her! I hate it!

Jintan: Oh, Menma…

Menma: Let’s go and ask her again! Please, Jintan!

At the moment, he hears her same cry he once heard in the past. He’s frozen for a moment.

Menma: Are you OK?

Jintan: All right. Let’s ask her and you’ll find out not only her but also everyone has all changed from the past.

( to be continued )

Naruko Anjo


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