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Ano Hana – Episode 1-5

He’s come back home alone in the night.

Jintan: I miss the summer at that time…

He starts to look back on the summer when he was a little child.


There’s a small hut in the wood, where Jintan runs into.

Jintan: Hey, listen! I’ve finally come up with it!

There’re 4 kids working for arranging the interior of the hut.

Anaru: What is that?

Jintan: We’ll call us “The Super Peace Busters” since now!

Poppo: Wow! It sounds cool!

Yukiatsu: What does “Busters” mean?

Jintan: I just heard it meant strong guys. We shall fight for the peace!

He’d mistaken the meaning of this word “buster” for someone who was “heroic”, so I guess he meant to call themselves “The Super Peace Warriors” like.

Tsuruko: So for where’s peace?

Jintan: Everywhere for everyone!

Here comes by Menma.

Menma: Sounds great! You must be our leader, aren’t you?

Jintan: Right!


Jintan: (All of my friends used to follow me, and that day’s also… )


One day, they’re talking in the small hut – their nest.

Anaru: I think Jintan likes Menma, don’t you?

She looks a little unhappy.

Menma: Oh, no!

Jintan: What are you saying!?

Both of two are pretty embarrassed.

Yukiatsu: Be honest! You shouldn’t have any secret from us – The Super Peace Busters.

He looks like a little unhappy, too.

Poppo: Go, Jintan. Go!

And, he looks like just enjoying the talk.

Tsuruko: Don’t make fun of them!

Jintan: I… I don’t like such an ugly girl!

Although he and she actually liked each other, he’s got too upset to tell a lie against himself. It’s the way often being seen in the kids.


Jintan: ( I thought she should cry because she was always a crybaby. But… )


But she smiles back at him a bit sadly. Looking at her smile, he gets embarrassed even more and runs out of their nest.

Menma: Hold on, Jintan!

She runs after him.

When he’s back home, his dad is just coming out of the house.

Dad: Oh, you’re back right now? I’m leaving to see my wife, so have lunch yourself using a microwave, OK?

I guess his mother is probably sick in the hospital.


Jintan: ( I was worried about her sad smile that I thought I could apologize to her tomorrow… )

But the tomorrow never came.

( to be continued )


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